An Insider's Guide To Travel Clothing

An Insider's Guide To Travel Clothing

Your Expert Guide To Travel Clothing | SCOTTeVEST

Traveling means experiencing the best life has to offer: breath-taking natural wonders, exquisite cuisine, and fascinating cultures.

Whether you are on your grand vacation to the Amazon or your weekend hiking trip up the Flatirons, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes.

You may think that specialty travel clothing is only for extreme climates, but the truth is that any travel situation is better with the right clothes.

The right travel clothing makes it easy to experience your journey without limitations.

You can pack your typical travel clothes into your suitcase, wear them during your travels, and live the moment without worrying about the elements.

But what if your clothes could do even more?

SCOTTeVEST’s travel apparel offers all this, plus copious hidden pockets that put all your essentials within reach. The added storage and security mean convenience when in transit and peace of mind at your destination.

To understand which travel-friendly clothing is right for you, keep reading.

What to Look For In Travel Clothing

Travel can be stressful if you are unprepared. With the right travel clothing, you can have one less thing to worry about.

Look for the following when deciding on your travel clothing.


Travel light, travel free. But this means you have to fit everything you need in a single suitcase. That sacrifices clothing choices.

You can bypass that by picking versatile clothing items:

  • Reversible — can be worn both ways
  • Zipped — different styles for additional clothing choices
  • Transformable — attach/detach sleeves for extra variations
Woman unzipping the right sleeve of SCOTTeVEST’s essential jacket 2.0 in Sand.

Ease of Care

You may lack the energy to hang up delicate fabrics or iron the next day’s outfit at the end of a long travel day.

Travel clothes that can withstand being stuffed into a bag and worn every day of the week can be handy. Look for quick-dry and wrinkle-free clothes made from synthetic materials.


Minimalist style that’s nondescript is usually best when traveling.

You can not only mix and match from such a wardrobe but also blend wherever you are. Choose neutral colors and classic styles to maximize stylistic versatility.


What separates good travel clothes from great travel clothes is pocket science .

What’s that?

It’s the idea that how you carry your things should not be an afterthought.

You need quick access to your camera, backup battery, phone, and travel documents on a trip. Yet you also want your essentials secure as It’s easy to lose items when you’re out of your routine.

Designated pockets in travel clothing for housing all your essentials solve this.

Such travel clothing also helps you with tiresome travel moments. You can put all your electronics in your vest and remove it to get through security. You can use your travel jacket as a carry-on without worrying about weighting limits by the airlines.


Four hundred thousand people lose their wallets, documents, and other essentials to pickpockets every day. When you’re walking around in an unfamiliar place, it’s never wrong to be over-prepared.

Look for clothing with hidden compartments for your essential documents and cash — and better yet, RFID-protected pockets.

To find clothing that combines all these elements into the best travel gear, look no further than SCOTTeVEST’s exceptional lineup of travel clothing. There’s something for every type of traveler:

Lightweight Travel Clothing

For temperate climates and casual traveling, you’ll want breathable and light clothes. Here are some of the best lightweight SCOTTeVEST clothes:

Beachcomber Shirt
Best travel clothing — SCOTTeVEST’s beachcomber shirt in navy.

Perfect for sunny days on the beach and backyard barbecues, the short sleeve Beachcomber Shirt for Men manages to look effortless while being purposeful. The 7 pockets hidden throughout the packable garment mean you never have to be far from your essentials. This piece is undoubtedly a step up from your average t-shirt.

Featherweight Vest
Woman putting a phone in an exterior pocket of the SCOTTeVEST featherweight vest in Cement.

The Featherweight Vest for Women is the lightest vest available at SCOTTeVEST. That makes it perfect for a casual spring day or for keeping your suitcase’s weight below the airline requirements. Unlike usual women's apparel, it offers 16 convenient pockets that can fit a wide range of items, including a 9.7” tablet.

Versatile Travel Clothing

Simplicity is the key to any travel wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without options. These SCOTTeVEST pieces offer multiple ways to wear them:

Essential 2.0 Jacket For Men and Women
Pocket diagram showing the 24 pockets on SCOTTeVEST’s Essential Jacket 2.0 in Black.

Not sure what the day may hold? The Essential Jacket 2.0 for both men and women is the perfect outer layer for you. With its unzippable sleeves, you can wear it both as a jacket and as a vest. Whether using the sleeved or sleeveless mode, its 24 pockets ensure you have everything from your water bottle to your camera within reach.

Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants
 Woman putting a phone into a leg pocket of SCOTTeVEST’s Margeau Cargaux Travel pants.

The Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are fully adjustable. In the waist, they can be worn high or low, and in the leg, they can be worn full-length or short-length — as Capris. With their stretchy legging-like comfort and 11 strategic pockets, you won’t want to travel without them.

Travel Clothing With Storage

Here are some of the warmest SCOTTeVEST clothes so you can adventure comfortably, no matter the weather:

Revolution Plus 2.0 Jacket
SCOTTeVEST Revolution Plus 2.0 Jacket Travel clothing for men in black with pocket diagram overlay.

The Revolution Plus 2.0 Jacket offers quilted fabric and hood to keep you comfortable and stylish in cold weather. It has 26 intelligently placed pockets for you to store your essentials and even tablets up to 12.9 inches.

The Rhonda Jacket
SCOTTeVEST Rhonda Jacket — a travel dress for women with pocket diagram overlay.

Travel jackets often sacrifice functionality for style. But that is not the case with The Rhonda Jacket. This stylish women’s travel jacket offers exceptional warmth and the convenience of 20 pockets.

Travel Clothing For Security

While traveling, you will often find yourself in places with a higher risk of theft.

Prepare by picking clothes that conceal your valuables and protect against even the most advanced pick-pocketing techniques.

SCOTTeVEST’s RFID VEST shown holding a passport, tablet, wallet, and phone.

Scammers can use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to swipe payment information without touching your credit card. The RFID Travel Vest for Men protects against this tech with specialized pockets.

The Charlotte Chambray Shirt
SCOTTeVEST’s Charlotte Chambray Shirt with pocket diagram overlay

The Charlotte Chambray Shirt comes with 5 hidden pockets to keep your items secure. You can wear it as a short or long sleeve variation or use it as a layer in various outfits.

Our Customers Know Quality Travel Clothing Can Make All The Difference

“In Athens, my brother-in-law's passport was picked from his pocket on our very first day! We've heard horror stories about pickpockets in Barcelona so that incident made me all the more anxious. Thankfully I had my SCOTTeVEST jacket with 22 pockets to keep my belongings safe. Four days riding on crowded buses, subways, and walking along the infamous La Rambla without any incidents! Woohoo! This jacket has way too many cool features to talk about.”
— JB & Renee

"It beats dropping it all in a container and having to re-sort it all out after the security check, and I don’t have to worry about losing anything in the machine. Even with all these items in my vest, it still wears very comfortably for 10 hours a day or more. It’s definitely my favorite "Geek" accessory for carrying gear."
— John M.

“The eVEST incorporates more than just a bunch of pockets. It is the insightful and intelligent way the pockets have been built that makes this a truly great tool. It is stylish enough to wear with any casual sportswear and allows me to discreetly carry my favorite electronic toys with me wherever I go. I think you'll seldom see me without it."
— Brad A.

Final Thoughts: Your Expert Guide To Travel Clothing | SCOTTeVEST

Travel clothing should enhance your adventure. Look for versatile items that can provide comfort in the elements and security for all your items.

Unlike other clothing brands, SCOTTeVEST balances thoughtful design and clever style. You get truly exceptional travel clothing that is stylish and functional.

There’s lots more to shop for, from hoodies and cardigans to hats with pockets.

Check out the full collection today at SCOTTeVEST.

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