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This SCOTTeVEST Pack Windbreaker is perfect for everyday use and is every adventurer and traveler’s essential
Patty & Dave DeMaria
I bought Dave this scottevest jacket several years ago. We are avid travelers and I travel with a small backpack pocketbook but he needed a place to carry all his own stuff. All of the pockets have worked out great, plus the weight of the jacket is great for all weather types, either to put layers under or wear as is.
Decann Rochester
Last October we took a fabulous trip to Equador (Galapagos Islands) and to Peru (Machu Picchu). I wore my Scottievest most of the time. It has so many pockets that it carries everything necessary. Love it!
Adventuring with 2 dogs can be a lot, but with @scottevest 13 pocket jacket, and 2 pocket hat, you can carry all the essentials to make it simple.
Joe Tate
I wore it everyday on our recent 2 week tour of Alaska. It held everything I needed and more. Our tour group was amazed at what I would pull out of the pockets. I gave out a number of your cards, so you may be getting some business. What a great jacket.
If you’re a parent, you already know! Thank goodness for my @scottevest !! I can fit every thing I need in the pockets and still be hands free to carry her out!
As an avid sailor, I’m always looking for ways to keep cool, dry, and have all my gadgets handy. Even on a day-sail, I always carry a compass, cell phone, wind speed indicator, chart, and water and ScotteVest can handle it all. If I’m out for an early morning cruise, the long-sleeve “vest” makes the perfect windbreaker. As it warms up, off come the arms and my stuff is still at hand were and when I need it.
John Posson
John Posson, left wing pilot of The Patriots Jet Team at the Hillsboro, Oregon Air Show with crew chiefs Rich Constantine and Mike Ehlert

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