• 1.Pockets should be hidden, unless they enhance the design (you don’t want to look goofy).
  • 2.You should be able to carry whatever you want, within reason (Monty Hall cash winner – yes; U-Haul replacement – no).
  • 3.Weight distribution is key to comfort (ask any pregnant woman).
  • 4.Pockets should provide easy access to all your gear (the trick is remembering where you put things).
  • 5.Things shouldn’t fall out of pockets (duh!).
Functional Fashion

Timeless designs, added functionality to work for you with Pocket Science

We incorporate all of these principles into all our SCOTTeVEST products. Wear it once and you'll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life.

After my own experience with all of the above and more, I decided to undertake my own scientific study of pockets.

I decided to become the world’s very first and only board certified, Pocket Scientist.

A Scientific Revolution Has Begun