The Ultimate Safari Vest and Jacket Shopping Guide is Here

The Ultimate Safari Vest and Jacket Shopping Guide is Here

How to find the perfect safari vest for you | SCOTTeVEST

Going on safari is an excellent way to leave the troubles of your everyday life and find yourself surrounded by magnificent, awe-inspiring scenery and exotic wild animals in their natural habitat.

Perhaps you booked a safari holiday, or you work as a wildlife photographer. Either way, you need to plan ahead when packing for your safari.

In particular, it’s important to know that African safari airlines limit passengers to soft luggage with a maximum weight of 33 or 44 pounds, depending on the carrier.

It can be tough to carry everything you need within those limits.

Does it mean I have to say goodbye to some of my essential stuff?


You can try out vests to carry your important items on you.

You can use a well-designed safari vest to bring more items on the plane and also take them with you on your treks.

Keep reading to learn:

Benefits of Wearing a Safari Vest

With strict weight limits on African airlines, packing for a safari can be challenging. You need to pack clothes, sun protection, and even toiletries. Plus, many safari-goers like having binoculars and camera gear to capture every safari photo op.

Wearing a safari vest on the plane ride to your destination enables you to carry more equipment on your person that doesn’t count towards the baggage weight limit.

Once you’re on your safari or bushwalk, you can also use some layers that can securely hold your belongings. A multi-pocket vest serves as a versatile base layer to carry essential gear and prepare you for all types of outdoor activities.

What Makes a Good Safari Vest

Many people going on safari may shop for a tactical vest, utility vest, or even a fishing vest. These products lack the features you need to meet the needs of a safari.

Think about it.

The gear you need for outdoor fishing is entirely different from what you’ll take on a safari trip. What you need is a safari vest or a travel vest that can hold everything you need for your trip.

Common Features

  • Khaki vest (bright colors can scare off animals)
  • Sleeveless jacket/vest jacket hybrid
  • Pockets with zipper or snap closure
  • Water-resistant treatment or quick-drying material

Common Benefits

  • Blends in with surroundings
  • Holds snacks and toiletries
  • Keeps phone and camera secure
  • Comfortable beneath additional outerwear
  • Easy to pack

SCOTTeVEST Safari Vests and Jackets

Scott Jordan founded SCOTTeVEST after his wife grew tired of carrying all his items in her purse. He knew he needed apparel with more pockets, but he didn’t like the idea of wearing a clunky cargo vest everywhere.

So, he decided to design stylish apparel that can actually hold all the gadgets people carry with them.

As a result, the first eVEST was born.

Since then, he’s continued to study what makes the perfect vest pockets and design apparel meant for trips such as safaris. And his vests have landed praise from Travel and Leisure , GQ , Smarter Traveler, and many more .

In addition to the standard features to look for in a safari vest, SCOTTeVEST products offer several unique benefits you won’t find with brands like North Face or Patagonia.

Here are some of the bonus features you can expect from any SCOTTeVEST safari vest or jacket.

  • BottleholderTM pocket specifically designed to hold water bottles and prevent spillage
  • DeepPocketsTM that prevent items from falling out
  • Detachable carabiner to hold keys and cameras
  • MyMemoryTM for storing SD cards and USB drives
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) that lets you charge your devices by connecting battery bank in one pocket to devices in another
  • Weight Management SystemTM that empowers you to carry all your gear without putting extra strain on your shoulders and neck

Don’t Believe Us? See What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

“Love my Scottevest. I wouldn’t travel without it. I always size up when I buy. Especially when I put in all my things that I can’t do without. I’ve had one for years, plus a lightweight one as well. Always feel safe walking around. No handbag to worry about.”
— Lynette C.

“I love the durability, the fit, the style (most pieces can be dressed up if needed) and, of course, the functionality. In a few weeks we leave for a 5 week driving trip around central Africa. My packing list consists of 3 pair SCOTTeVEST pants, 2 skirts, a jacket, a vest, and a bunch of tank tops. Y’all are the bomb. Thank you for being awesome!”
— Ashley S. and Martin E.

“I got the light weight vest when I did my trip to Kenya. Loved it! We were limited to 30 lbs total on baggage. The vest carried our iPads, cameras, phones, all the carry on essentials.”
— Sonya S.

Sonya and John S. on safari in Kenya

“I was in Ouesso in the Congo Republic for the last session of a 6-part project. My wife had her ScottEvest with all our documents, passports, and health card, which were easily available for the border crossing and checking in at the airport. In my ScottEvest, I had snacks that I had squirreled away, besides documents, extra toilet paper (of course!), pens, sunglasses, breathing masks etc., so we always had everything we needed.”
— Tim H.

Best SCOTTeVEST Safari Apparel for Women

Here are the best SCOTTeVEST products for women packing for a safari outing.

Featherweight Vest for Women
Women packing iPad into SCOTTeVEST Featherweight safari vest

The Featherweight Vest for Women is the perfect lightweight vest to take on a safari with its 16 pockets. Despite the minimalist safari-style design, this vest exhibits 8 interior pockets you can use to keep your iPad, phone, camera, and travel documents secure

Q.U.E.S.T Vest for Women
Woman packing a water bottle in the front pocket of a SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T safari vest.

For wildlife photography or longer safari trips, we recommend the Q.U.E.S.T vest in khaki. This safari vest is the ultimate clothing option for women who need to bring extensive camera gear or other equipment on their wildlife adventure. The Q.U.E.S.T comes with 42 pockets and a stowable hood. It can even hold a laptop up to 15 inches.

Best SCOTTeVEST Safari Apparel for Men

Here are the men’s clothing products from SCOTTeVEST to bring along on your Safari trip.

Featherweight Vest for Men
Man wearing SCOTTeVEST Featherweight vest in khaki (with pocket diagram)

For casual safari-goers and travelers, the Featherweight Vest for men is our lightest, breathable safari travel vest option. Despite its ultralight design, it boasts 16 pockets and can hold a tablet up to 12.9 inches.

Q.U.E.S.T Vest for Men
Man placing tablet into a pocket of the SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T vest.

The Q.U.E.S.T vest for men is our ultimate men’s safari vest.With 42 pockets, it doubles as an excellent photo vest for wildlife photographers and camera enthusiasts.

Tropiformer for Men
SCOTTeVEST convertible Tropiformer jacket to hiking vest for men shown in khaki (with pocket diagram.)

If you can’t decide between a safari jacket and a vest, the Tropiformer Jacket for Men has sleeves attached by magnets, so you can remove them for a sleeveless option whenever you need it. It also comes with 22 pockets and a stowable hood.

Final Thoughts: How To Find the Best Safari Vest for You

From your plane ride to the humvee, a SCOTTeVEST safari vest is the perfect item to bring with you on your safari. With a stylish design and plenty of intelligent pockets, it will keep you comfortable and your essential gear safely stowed.

Discover more stylish and intelligent products backed by the power of pocket science with SCOTTeVEST .

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