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Do any stores carry your products?

While most of our styles are sold exclusively on our website or through our Amazon store, we have a small number of very select resellers that carry some styles.

Is your website accessible to all audiences?

We believe that the internet should be available and accessible to everyone. We use technology from accessiBe to achieve this goal. Click Here for details about the various technologies our site utilizes to make it more accessible.

I want to send a gift. Can you wrap it? Will you include a gift message? I don’t want the recipient to know how much it cost. Do you include the invoice in the package?

We would be happy to help you send a gift! During the checkout process, select gift options. There will be a drop-down menu where you can add a $10 gift box for an item (with optional gift message) or add a free gift message. Our orders include packing lists that do not show pricing.

Help! My [wallet, keys, lipstick, etc.] is stuck in the lining of my eVEST! How can I retrieve it?

First, take a deep breath! We know what happened and can help you! Due to the complexity of our designs, this is an unfortunate possibility. Luckily, it can be solved very easily.

We call it, jumping the fence.

When something falls into the space in the lining intended for the Personal Area Network, it has jumped the fence. A small object (keys, etc.) that is placed in the handwarmer pocket can pop over the top of the handwarmer pocket and into the lining.

This does not happen with normal wear or if you hang your eVEST on a hanger or hook when not in use. If, however, you “hang up” your eVEST by tossing it in the trunk of your car, on a chair, in a pile of clothes (you get the idea), an item in your handwarmer pocket might jump the fence.

How to recover items that jump the fence:

  • check out this video
  • or follow these instructions:
    • Turn your eVEST upside down and give it a good shake or slide the missing item up toward the shoulder seam. You want the item as close to the shoulder seam as possible.
    • Once there, reach into the handwarmer pocket.
    • You will retrieve the item by reaching toward the shoulder seam.
Your products have so many pockets and features! Why do I need so many pockets and how can I figure out what all the features are?

You might not need so many pockets (we bet that wasn’t the answer you were expecting!). But, for whichever pockets you do need, you'll quickly discover that our clothing has the best designed pockets imaginable.

We've spent nearly two decades perfecting Pocket Science. So, for however many pockets you choose you use, you'll have the VEST pocket experience imaginable!

Click to learn about our Features for a laundry list of pockets and features available in our different styles.

So, is it Travel Clothing… or not?

Yes…and no. While we've been told that we make the best travel clothing available, we don't like to call our products travel clothing. For us, travel clothing is something you buy for a big trip and then hide in the back of your closet until your next big trip.

We think our clothing should be worn daily! If you want to call it travel clothing, that's fine. Just remember, it is designed for the Trip of Your Life! and is as useful for a trip to the grocery store as it is for a trip around the world.

How do I submit a VESTimonial and/or a photo for the VESTibule of fame?

Email your VESTimonial and/or photo to

How did you get your brand name?

Laura and Scott started the company so Scott would stop asking Laura to carry all of his gadgets and electronic devices. They name it SCOTTeVEST, which stood for Scott's Electronic Vest.

Why do I need an eVEST?

The easy answer is, if you carry anything (cell phone, wallet, etc.), then you need an eVEST! Our products are designed to make your life easier, with tons of pockets and features. With an eVEST, you can both carry and use electronic devices, as well as other items such as keys, water bottles, sunglasses, etc.

Can I order a jacket in one size and sleeves in a different size?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Different sizes have armholes of different circumferences, so switching sleeves will not work. Please keep in mind that the sleeves can be pushed up/adjusted/rolled/tailored if your arm length is not proportioned to our sizing.