This is The Encyclopedia of Pocket Science containing the key, or rosetta stone if you will, of all the terminology necessary to fully understand the elements of Pocket Science.


Without this, you would be lost. Don't worry, you don't need to read all of this, but know that this is how much thought goes into every single eVEST. If you have any questions, our team of pocket scientists are here to help, lead by our Chief Pocket Scientist, Scott. To learn more about Pocket Science, click here.

Pocket in Pocket™ (PIP)
pɑk·ɪt ɪn pɑk·ɪt
Dividers in pockets designed to keep your gear organized.

Rapid Access Panels
ræp·ɪd æk·ses pæn·əls
Large, internal hook-and-loop panels so you can attach your gear and it won't print, enabling you to have quick and easy access.

Removable Sleeves
rɪˈmu·və·bəl slivs
Unlike most removable sleeve jackets that look awkward as either a jacket or vest, we've engineered our eVESTs to look great with or without sleeves attached.

Weight Management System™
weɪt mæn·ɪʤ·mənt sɪs·təm
Special design and/or features are used in the shoulder area to evenly distribute the added weight from your devices and essentials filling your pockets.

TopDrop™ Pocket
tap drap pɑk·ɪt
These pockets have an opening at the top and are designed so you can easily drop items into them.

RFID Blocking Pocket
ɑ:r.ef.aɪˈdi: blɑkɪŋ pɑk·ɪt
This pocket protects passports and credit cards from high-tech skimmers that can steal your identity.

bʌd bʌk·ɪts
Small pockets near the collar to store earbuds when not in use.

bɑt·əl hoʊl·dər
An elastic band designed to keep small bottles upright and prevent spillage.

Back Pocket
bæk pɑk·ɪt
Several of our garments have a large Back Pocket. This pocket is designed to hold your removable sleeves (when the garment has that feature), documents, folders and magazines. Many Back Pockets can even accommodate a small laptop. While we don't recommend carrying your laptop in the Back Pocket for long periods of time, it is a great option when speeding through airports, train stations, etc.

ʧeɪnʤ stap·ər
Front pockets of pants are designed to keep change and small items from falling out when you sit down.

kɑl·ər kəˈnekt
A hidden conduit system located on the inside of the collar to hold wires in place.

Collar Loops
kɑl·ər lups
Elastic loops and/or specifically molded plastic form a part of the patented Personal Area Network (PAN) which is designed to hold earbuds and headphones in place.

dip pɑk·ɪts
Pockets designed to prevent items from falling out.

CrossDraw Pocket™
krɑ:s drɔ pɑk·ɪt
In shirts, large pockets located under your arm and accessed via a zipper in the side seam.

Fiesta Waistband
fiˈestə weɪst.bænd
Our specially designed waistbands expand for comfort, allowing you to indulge without opening your top button. This feature increases the waist almost a full size.

Glasses Chamois
glæs·əz ʃæm.wɑ:
Attached with an elastic cord, this soft cloth insures you will always have something available to clean your eyeglasses, sunglasses, Smart Phone screens, etc.

Key Holder
ki hoʊl·dər
Designed for those who constantly misplace their keys, this feature is offered in three variations: extendable, extendable & detachable and detachable carabiner.

MyMemory™ Pocket
maɪ mem·ər·i pɑk·ɪt
Small pockets designed to hold thumb drives, SD and Memory Cards.

Pen Pockets
pen pɑk·ɪts
Long, narrow interior pockets are designed to hold pens, pencils or even an old-fashioned stylus.

Personal Area Network (PAN)
pɜr·sə·nəl eər·i·ə netˌwɜrk
Our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) is a network of hidden conduits throughout our garments designed for routing wires from pocket to pocket or headphones to the collar for easy access. This ensures you never have to deal with tangled wires again and, paired with an external battery, will keep even your most battery-hungry devices at full charge.