Pocket Life #1: Grateful Dead and Tech on Deck… on deck

Pocket Life #1: Grateful Dead and Tech on Deck… on deck

Pocket Life #1: Grateful Dead and Tech on Deck… on deck

Some of my fondest memories were from going to Grateful Dead concerts, and this weekend I attended one of the final ones… ever.  Almost 20 year ago to the day, I proposed to my wife Laura before a GD concert, so they’ve been a big part of our story.

As with most concerts, no bags allowed, so I loaded up my SCOTTeVEST pockets with everything I needed for the show.

It was everything you would expect!  From the “thank you for pot smoking” sign to the skywriter screwing up the peace sign, the air hung heavy with smoke and great music.  I even ran into my good friend Jim Louderback and had the opportunity to grab a photo with him in true Pocket Man style:


Jim will be joining our Tech on Deck broadcast this week to discuss the present and future of publishing.

Of course, being in San Francisco during the Gay Pride parade immediately after the historical marriage equality ruling was also a once in a lifetime treat.  I got to tag along with Thomas Hawk since he had special access to get close to the action.  I even got to see a poodle… which made me miss my girls at home:


…ok, I actually saw two poodles.

Another benefit of getting out to SF is that I was able to pick up my Pocket Rocket, a Polaris Slingshot and drive it home to Idaho.  It’s been months since I’ve been able to drive it, and it always gets attention… which you might be able to guess I love!  I even crowdsourced some advice on the best route to drive.  I loved it, even when it hit 106 degrees.  Perhaps all that heat went to my head, since I left my keys in the glovebox overnight… glad the Pocket Rocket didn’t get stolen!

Next stop: Tech on Deck aka #TechonDeck!  We are all set up and ready for the even this week, which coincides with Allen & Company’s Sun Valley Conference (aka the billionaire conference).  Robert Scoble is coming in to town for it, and the “deck” is this deck on my home/office building in downtown Ketchum:


Check out www.TechonDeck2015.com for more details and the broadcast schedule.  As for me… I’m outta here!


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