The Best Travel Clothing, Explained

The Best Travel Clothing, Explained

The Best Travel Clothing, Explained | SCOTTeVEST

When you hear "travel clothing," what comes to mind?

"Travel clothing" used to mean safari or photography vests with tons of exterior pockets, reversible jackets and/or money belts. In other words, adaptable clothes that held your wallet and passport while hopefully offering a couple of different looks. Maybe it had reversible colors; maybe it had removable sleeves to become a travel vest. That was the state of the market when I started SCOTTeVEST in 2000.

Scott Jordan

As people's lives (and technology) evolved, so did the things they carried, but their clothing didn’t evolve with them. What did change, though, was fabrics and casualwear. Back in the day, people used to dress up for their travels — along with their lives. But with so many more fabrics available today, most clothing has evolved to be more casual and wrinkle-free. When was the last time you wore a linen shirt or jacket on a trip?

So as travel clothing evolved, it became synonymous with easy-care clothing that was wrinkle-free, e.g., pieces you can throw in a bag and not worry about. These days, most travel clothing companies do a great job making that kind of apparel: stylish, comfortable, wrinkle-free, easy to clean and fast drying — all to help make your travel easier.

But while other travel clothing brands are generally stuck in the non-TSA PreCheck line, SCOTTeVEST is already wheels up and leading a revolution to make your travel BETTER with the best travel clothing. Besides being easy to pack and care for, our travel clothing also has a built-in pocket system that’s engineered for stylish and secure storage.


SCOTTeVEST travel clothing origins

SCOTTeVEST was born out of the frustration I felt traveling back and forth to New Jersey while working for a startup in 1999. As a gadget guy working on a lot of different devices, I found the travel clothing at that time was only beginning to evolve around having cell phone pockets — there really wasn’t a anything designed with enough pockets to accommodate everything I needed to carry, nor was there a guide to travel clothing to help me find what I needed.

That gap in the market inspired me to want to make pockets better. I decided to develop clothing that would make travel easier by protecting all those devices and belongings, and SCOTTeVEST launched in 2000. Today, our company offers more than 50 styles of multi-pocket travel clothing and apparel for men and women.

When you wear SCOTTeVEST travel clothing, you have the secret of easier travel right in your back (and front, and chest, and side) pocket(s). We like to say: It’s not rocket science. It’s Pocket Science! You can carry your devices and other items comfortably, discreetly and securely, for a better travel experience that lets you focus on the journey.

"There is no denying that SCOTTeVEST is the Mercedes of the travel vest market." – Two Scots Abroad

SCOTTeVEST’s unique approach to travel clothing

We’re the market leaders because we put a unique twist on travel clothing that makes your travel experience so much easier and better. Yes, it’s comfortable. Yes, it’s stylish. And yes, it’s easy to care for.

But unlike the clothing you’ll see from other so-called travel clothing brands, the highly engineered pocketing system in our travel clothing offers unmatched security so you know everything you’re carrying is held securely and stealthily.

Think about a "traditional" travel vest. Those vests typically look goofy and have lots of exterior pockets that signal to the whole world, 'Hey! I’m carrying lots of valuable stuff!' Our travel clothing has hidden exterior pockets and up to 42 interior pockets with security built into each one.


It’s not rocket science. It’s Pocket Science!

We layer on super secure, well thought-out pockets and storage that make carrying everything easy. Backed by the principles of Pocket Science, our hidden, easy-access pockets have secure zippers that prevent pickpocketing and keep items from falling out, even when you bend over. We worked with a chiropractor to develop a proprietary weight management system that allows you to carry more in your pockets and balance the weight so you can leave your bag at home. And with product maps and icons to guide you, SCOTTeVEST‘s uniquely designed pockets simplify the “gadget dance” of searching your belongings while asking 'Where did I put my wallet/passport/ticket?'

The SCOTTeVEST Pickpocket Guarantee

Our Pocket Science makes it so hard for other people to reach into your clothing that we’re the only travel clothing company to offer a Pickpocket Guarantee. This offer reimburses you for losses up to $1,000  if your valuables are pickpocketed while wearing our clothing. [Click here for details] In all the years we've offered our guarantee, we haven't had a single claim. You can go out into the world with confidence, knowing your belongings will stay secure.


Travel clothing for the actual travel

The SCOTTeVEST difference makes travel better from the start. First, airport security is a breeze. You don't have to worry about emptying your pockets and remembering to get everything at the end of the belt — just take off your SCOTTeVEST and put it through.

Our travel clothing holds so much, you can also forget about paying for overweight baggage or needing that extra carry on. SCOTTeVEST is not just convenient, it can actually save you money at the airport!

And once you’re on the plane, you want comfort. Our Fiesta waistband feature expands several inches to keep you comfortable in your seat no matter how long the flight. And while you’re sitting there, you won’t have to reach up to the overhead or down below your seat when you need a pen, extra batteries or anything else. Another one of the benefits of travel vests and our other apparel is that your belongings will all be within easy reach inside your travel vest or other SCOTTeVEST clothing.


"With 42 pockets, you won’t need to worry about your carry-on being overweight again." – The Planet D

Travel clothing for the destination

The benefits of SCOTTeVEST keep coming when you arrive at your destination, because our travel clothing lets you keep everything you need on you within reach, all day long.

Before SCOTTeVEST, I was constantly running back to my hotel to change clothes or grab something I didn’t want to carry earlier. But now I can walk out of my hotel at 8am with all the things I need in my SCOTTeVEST travel vest instead of a heavy bag: eyeglasses, sunscreen, extra batteries, medication, a small laptop or tablet and anything else that will make my day more enjoyable. There’s even enough room to put a clean shirt in there! I don’t have to return to my hotel until after dinner, and I can experience that location to the fullest because I haven’t felt like I had to run back to my hotel.

SCOTTeVEST men’s and women’s travel clothing is stylish and versatile enough that you can wear it from morning until night your entire trip. It's not just one or two items. In addition to travel vests for women and travel vests for men, we have a full selection ranging from jackets and hoodies to pants, base layers, underwear, baseball caps and more. And while other travel clothing companies offer removable sleeves and pant legs, we have perfected that feature so our products look great as either a travel vest or jacket, or pants or shorts. Our Tropiformer 3D jacket uses lightweight magnets that make it super easy to remove sleeves to transform it into the best travel vests with pockets.

This level of versatility is what allowed us to sponsor the No Baggage Challenge, where veteran travel author Rolf Potts traveled around the world in 42 days with nothing other than what he could fit into his SCOTTeVEST travel clothing. While you might not be planning a trip like that anytime soon, just think how SCOTTeVEST’s revolutionary travel clothing could have made your last trip more enjoyable by making your journey more convenient, comfortable and confident. What are you waiting for? Embark on a new era and let SCOTTeVEST elevate your next journey with !

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