What is the #poodlebuilding?

The #poodlebuilding is a lot of things! First off, it’s the poodle resort & spa, where Scott, Laura and their 3 standard poodles call home (Chloe pictured in the car is no longer with us but was there for the actual picture). It is also the SCOTTeVEST HQ! SCOTTeVEST makes great looking clothing with tons of innovative pockets and unique features.

Why poodles?

Because they are the best of course! Scott & Laura have loved poodles their entire lives, and now they’re like children to them. The reactions they get around town when the poodles squeeze into the BMW are priceless, so why not put up this mural to brighten everyone’s day!

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Scott & Laura even wrote a children’s book about Margaux, their poodle that defied all odds and became a social media icon. Learn more about the Yay Margaux book here!