Find the Perfect SCOTTEVEST for Every Season

SeV System 8.0

SeV Enforcer Jacket

Trench Coat (M)

Fleece 8.0*

Sterling Jacket (M)*

Kelly Jacket*

Tropiformer Jacket*

Revolution Plus*

Annie Jacket

Trench Coat (W)

Fleece 7.0*

Sterling Jacket (W)*

Pack Jacket

Travel Vest (M/W)

Puffer Jacket
SeV Shell 8.0

SeV Microfleece Pullover (M/W)

Molly Jacket

Q.U.E.S.T. Vest (M/W)

RFID Travel Vest (M/W)

Lola Jacket

Hoodies (M)

Sport Coat

SeV Sportsman Vest

Featherweight Vest (M/W)
Carli Vest

Hoodies (W)

SeV Lab Coat (M/W)

While the warmth of a garment can be highly subjective, here are some guidelines for what to expect. If you are planning an Everest expedition or a long excursion to the Sahara... our products are not expressly designed for that... but 98.6% of our customers have found this chart useful in choosing which SeV is right for them. Click on any product above for more details, and note that items with removable sleeves (displayed by an *) have a greater operating range.