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SCOTTEVEST's multi-pocket travel clothing replaces all bags on this record-setting around-the-world trip

New York, NY - AUGUST 17, 2010 - Around the world in 42 days ... with no bags? Travel author Rolf Potts says he can pull off this record-setting feat, thanks to SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing (SeV). SeV is known for their clever clothing designs, patented features and multiple, purpose-driven pockets developed to save travelers time and money during their journeys. The average traveler can avoid extra bag fees by supplementing – or replacing - their carry-on bag with a stylish jacket or vest from SeV's extensive line. But it's clear that Potts is not just an average traveler as he embarks from New York on the first leg of the six-week No Baggage Challenge starting this Friday, August 20th. His only companions: a videographer/producer [Justin Glow] to help him document the challenge, and his SCOTTEVEST wardrobe loaded with every travel essential he needs for the trip. (see list and diagram below)

While traveling around the world is a classic theme, and “traveling light” is a popular concept, this is the first time these ideas have been combined to such an extreme.  “We don't believe that a true around the world trip without bags has ever been successfully completed, let alone professionally documented,” explains SCOTTEVEST CEO & Founder Scott Jordan.  “Even with the 30+ pockets in Rolf's SeV outfit, it's an ambitious undertaking to say the least. I'm looking forward to watching the adventure unfold week by week.”

To bring the experience of baggage-free travel to the audience at home, Potts and his traveling companion will share the six-week journey through frequent updates in video,  photos and words at Viewers can follow along as the trek takes them from New York to Paris, from Cairo to South Africa, and from Bangkok to New Zealand before returning back to NYC via Los Angeles.  Sponsoring the duo's airfare is BootsnAll Travel Network, the one-stop indie travel guide dedicated to promoting independent travel through their network of websites, blogs, forums and online tools.

“When Rolf told us about the idea behind the No Baggage Challenge, we instantly knew we wanted to be involved,” explains Sean Keener, CEO of BootsnAll.  “Not only would our community of travelers be engaged and excited by it, but it was trip that we wanted to go on ourselves. This is going to be a real adventure.”

So how did Rolf Potts get lucky enough to go on this trip of a lifetime?  Potts is the author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel and has reported from more than sixty countries for the likes of National Geographic Traveler, the New York Times Magazine, and the Travel Channel.  He advocates a style of travel that incorporates many of the same concepts at the core of the No Baggage Challenge. The SeV, according to the veteran traveler, beats any other form of luggage, hands down. "On this trip," Potts says, "I believe it's better to pack an open-minded attitude than a suitcase full of dubiously useful gear. And SCOTTEVEST is the ideal outfitter for that kind of journey."


Using his SCOTTEVEST Tropical Jacket/Vest and a pair of SeV Ultimate Cargo Pants, Potts will begin the trip carrying the following on his person:

  • iPod Touch and earbuds
  • Wireless foldable Bluetooth keyboard (for blogging drafts using the iPod Touch)
  • Toothbrush
  • Passport
  • Credit and debit cards
  • ID cards
  • Small digital camera
  • Tiny deodorant and toiletries ("A good social gesture," according to Potts)
  • Long-sleeve Q-Zip shirt
  • Two to three pairs of super-lightweight quick-dry socks
  • Two to three tee-shirts
  • Extra SeV Underwear (“Prototypes made just for us,” Potts notes. “We're putting them to the test before they're even on the market.”)

"This is really the extreme in traveling light," Potts continues, "and that's very appealing to me. I'd been dreaming about a no-baggage trip around the world for some time. This vest is what makes the trip make sense. All the SCOTTEVEST clothing is designed for travel; it allows me to travel lighter and more flexibly, taking only what is absolutely necessary, so I can focus on the journey, without the countless micro-hassles that baggage would present."


SCOTTEVEST is the owner and sponsor of the No Baggage Challenge, and is one of the world’s leading travel clothing companies. SeV specializes in stylish jackets, shirts and pants with a unique hidden pockets for travelers, and a patented system of conduits and pockets for carrying, using and enjoying personal electronics. In 2010, SCOTTEVEST became the first clothing company to provide a pocket for the iPad.  Visit them at

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