Evolve or Fail: How I Reinvented Myself as an Entrepreneur

Evolve or Fail: How I Reinvented Myself as an Entrepreneur

Evolve or Fail: How I Reinvented Myself as an Entrepreneur

It takes more than passion, promotion and money to sustain a business. It requires leadership and management (and a dozen other things, but let’s just stick with these two for now).

Before I started SCOTTeVEST in 2000, I moved from working in a dysfunctional family business to working in odious law firms to working in a dysfunctional startup in one of the most wild west periods of modern American business. In other words, I had never worked for a “real” company. I had never been part of a typical business environment or dealt with employees.

This both helped me and hurt me.

I definitely had to learn things on the fly, but for every stumble and everything I should have known better than to do (but did anyway), I feel like my unique approach got me where I am today. I’m proud to be one of the biggest local employers in my area, and I’m proud that I keep factories hopping and UPS delivering packages all year long.

But a funny thing happened – and had to happen – as I went from being a one-man show to a business owner. I had to evolve as a person. I had to develop leadership skills, and rely on motivations other than money to get the best work out of my employees and contractors. I had to create a corporate culture for people to understand the core values that make SCOTTeVEST successful, so they can continue in the same vein when I’m not looking over their shoulders.

It was really tough. Being passionate and inspiring people comes naturally to me, but leadership continues after the pep talk ends. This was my hardest, most important reinvention ever.

Even though we’ve been in business since 2000, we are still a “new” company compared to the decades that exist ahead of us. I want every employee to know they are in control of their own careers, and that any moment is the right moment for reinvention just as I had to reinvent myself and the business.

Have you ever had to reinvent yourself in your own business? How did you overcome your biggest obstacles?

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Scott Jordan is the CEO and Founder of SCOTTeVEST, which creates multi-pocket clothing designed to carry electronics. He is the author of Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate, Personal Promoter.

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