How To Find the Best Concealed Carry Clothing for You

How To Find the Best Concealed Carry Clothing for You

Concealed carry vest and jacket shopping guide

Whether you’re a military member, off-duty law enforcement officer, or gun enthusiast, finding the right concealed carry apparel is crucial.

There are plenty of options for tactical gear that safely hold your firearm and firearm accessories, but they stick out.

It’s called concealed carry for a reason. You don’t want to advertise your firearm.

You need apparel that blends in and looks like plainclothes but lets you carry or holster your weapon safely and comfortably.

Concealed carry vests and jackets with ergonomic pocket design and stylish fashion are the perfect options for anyone who wants to update their everyday carry (EDC) wardrobe.

Keep reading to learn:

Benefits of Wearing a Concealed Carry Vest

Among the concealed carry wear (CCW) options, vests are an attractive and versatile choice. With a concealed carry vest, you can pocket a handgun or cover a holster without announcing that you’re carrying.

You can carry firearm accessories in a vest’s extra pockets and go about your day using the vest as a base layer while layering with other outerwear.

What Makes a Good Concealed Carry Vest

You should consider several factors while selecting a high-quality concealment vest.

Firstly, unlike a tactical vest, your concealed carry option should look like everyday clothes while keeping you safe and comfortable.

Some standard features and benefits to look for in a concealed carry vest include:

Common Features

  • Chest pockets / concealed carry pockets
  • Everyday design
  • Pockets large enough for a handgun
  • Zipper front
  • Pockets with zipper closure, button closure, or velcro

Common Benefits

  • Easy access to your firearm
  • Safely carry your gun
  • Secure accessories — extra mag pouches
  • Keep firearm concealed
  • Prevent firearm from flapping around as you move

When choosing CCW, you must be confident that it will meet all your needs. To ensure that, consider a quality product like SCOTTeVEST concealed carry vests.

SCOTTeVEST Concealed Carry Apparel

The 21st century shrunk the devices so we could carry them with us. But the apparel lagged behind.

Scott Jordan had to nag her wife to carry his cell phone and other gadgets in her purse on all their trips — not a great way to start a journey. Not recommended!

Scott looked around for a stylish clothing option that could carry all his items. When he couldn’t find anything on the market, he developed the first eVest.

Since then, he’s perfected the study of pocket science and continues to create attractive vests and jackets that help people carry their gear wherever they go.

SCOTTeVEST vests have been featured in GQ , Men’s Health , and . The NRA even awarded SCOTTeVEST with the Women’s Innovation Product of the Year in 2017.

The SCOTTeVEST vests of today have all of the standard features you need in a concealed carry vest and more.

Here are some of the added benefits you get with SCOTTeVEST concealed carry clothing :

  • Functional pockets
    • Pocket-in-PocketTM dividers to organize accessories
    • Pockets designed to conceal items and eliminate bulk
    • Dedicated passport and travel documents pockets
  • Higher security
    • 100% pickpocket-proof guarantee
    • RFID pockets to keep credit cards protected
    • DeepPocketTM to secure firearm and accessories
  • Comfort
    • Removable sleeves to prepare for all weathers (available in select jackets)
    • Machine wash fabric for easy care
    • Weight Management SystemTM to carry your weapon of choice and accessories without hurting shoulders and back

Our Happy Customers Love SCOTTeVEST

Check out some of these customer reviews to discover why people love SCOTTeVEST for concealed carry.

“I love this jacket, and as you can see, I have the sleeves removed. Being able to remove the sleeves is a great feature when the temperatures reach into the 130-degree range...everything fits in a concealed pocket.”
– Dean H., U.S. Army Civilian Contractor

"Your vest is really intriguing. I am a Detective in the NYPD Intelligence Division. Me and my counterparts in the Secret Service are always trying to figure out new ways to conceal radios, headsets, and weapons while working in plain clothes."
– Paul C., Law Enforcement Officer

“My husband loves all the pockets, especially that he can conceal his handgun. The on/off sleeves are very nice as the weather in Texas (even during the winter) often does not warrant heavy sleeves. The RFID pockets are perfect for when we travel!”
– Sandra, Civilian

Best SCOTTeVEST Concealed Carry Apparel for Women

If women’s concealed carry apparel is on your wish list, check out these best-sellers at SCOTTeVEST.

The Q.U.E.S.T Vest for Women
Woman wearing SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T concealed carry vest

The Q.U.E.S.T Vest for Women is our ultimate CCW vest and gadget-carrying item. It comes with 42 thoughtfully designed pockets, including chest pockets on both sides to accommodate left and right-handed draws.

Essential 2.0 Jacket for Women
Woman wearing SCOTTeVEST Essential 2.0 concealed carry jacket

The Women’s Essential 2.0 Jacket comes with 24 pockets, including secure front pockets on both sides. You can convert this versatile apparel from a long sleeve jacket into a vest by removing the zippered sleeves whenever you want.

Best SCOTTeVEST Concealed Carry Apparel for Men

If you’re looking for stylish, comfortable, and secure concealed carry clothing for men, look no further. Here are the best concealed carry vests and jackets for men who want to bring along their weapon of choice.

The Q.U.E.S.T Vest for Men
Man wearing SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T Vest for men.

The SCOTTeVEST Men’s Q.U.E.S.T Vest has 42 pockets designed to keep your firearm and all of its accessories organized. It includes chest pockets on both sides for easy access for both right- and left-handed individuals.

The Revolution 2.0 Jacket for Men
Man wearing the SCOTTeVEST Revolution 2.0 concealed carry jacket.

If you can’t decide between a concealed carry vest and a jacket, the Men’s Revolution 2.0 Jacket is for you. This jacket comes with a detachable hood and removable sleeves for ultimate versatility. It also has 25 pockets for your handgun and firearm accessories, including chest pockets on both sides.

Final Thoughts: Concealed Carry Vest and Jacket Shopping Guide

At SCOTTeVEST, you can find the perfect concealed carry apparel to fit your lifestyle. Our products not only bring style to everyday wear but also include thoughtfully designed pockets to keep your items secure and organized.

If you’re a new customer, don’t forget to explore the entire SCOTTeVEST line featuring a smart pocket design for all types of apparel from t-shirts to hoodies and more.

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