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What is Pocket Science?

While It’s Not Rocket Science, There is a Science Behind Each and Every Pocket in an eVEST.

Pocket Science is the holistic study of the things people carry and engineering the best way to design garments and their pockets to accommodate those things.

Most clothing companies give zero thought to designing pockets. Pockets are an afterthought and it shows.

Just ask yourself, with your "normal" garment, when was the last time:

  • You leaned over and whatever was in your pocket fell out?
  • You had to decide what you can carry because your “normal” clothing didn't have enough pockets?
  • Your pockets weren't deep enough or designed to hold what you wanted to carry?
  • Your cell phone died and you forgot your auxiliary battery to charge it?
  • You had to carry a bag or worse yet, wear a fanny pack, just so you could have the things wanted with you at all times?

After my own experience with all of the above and more, I decided to undertake my own scientific study of pockets.

I decided to become the world’s very first and only board certified, Pocket Scientist.

We incorporate all of these principles into all our SCOTTeVEST products. Wear it once and you'll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life.

We guarantee it!

It's Not Rocket Science, It's POCKET SCIENCE!

Watch our Pocket Science Video