"Pocket nirvana here, but if you're going for a nice rumpled look, forget it - most items are slick-looking and fitted."

"For those in the market for a jacket that can truly hold as much as a bag, there’s SCOTTeVEST, a company that for more than a decade has been making what it refers to as technology-enabled clothing. The brand’s jackets, vests, hoodies, shirts, pants and baseball caps have hidden pockets. Even the boxer shorts have pockets for a cell phone and passport should one need to make a swift escape."

"When you’re trying to manage a trip’s worth of tech, you want all your gear accessible—but you don’t want to look like you’ve got gobs of super-accessible gear. So stash it all discreetly in one of SCOTTeVEST’s famous pocket-rich, tech-savvy vests."

"They're great additions for people who want to travel in style but also keep everything on their person at all times."

"These clever jackets are useful if you're trying to travel without without putting anything in the hold."

"A perfect travel jacket, not only does it nicely dress this look up, but all the pockets allow you to carry and access your important documents, phone, business plans, etc. with ease."

"Pick a pocket, any pocket! This sleek, machine-washable, travel-friendly jacket has 15 of them hidden inside - so you'll have everything you need to hit the road."

"Remember Inspector Gadget, the animated character famous for showing up at every occasion with the right miracle gadget attached to the inside of his vest? He has nothing on SCOTTEVEST."

"Your smartphone, iPod, tablet and other devices have their own pockets to stay organized. Don’t want to come to a business meeting looking like you just shoplifted an electronics store under your vest? Unlike most travel clothing, the SCOTTeVEST features no-bulge pockets and a weight-management system to keep everything comfortable and cool."

“I can say with certainty that SCOTTeVEST's Hoodie is the most useful one I've ever worn”

"Anyone who’s ever tackled a mountain while carrying phone, a camera, a pack of gum, some chapstick, hand warmers, and all the rest will love the 13-pocket spread of this hoodie."

“Cell phone? Check. Keys? Got ‘em. Sunglasses? Yep. Wallet? Double yep. Chapstick, backup charger, tablet, headphones, change for the parking meter? Check to them all.”

“No one wants to lug a bulky purse around on vacation—plus it’s a target for theft. A jacket or vest from SCOTTeVEST lets you carry everything you need, from your tablet to your water bottle.”

“Need multiple things readily available to you? Get a SCOTTeVEST jacket, vest, or other apparel item.”

"These jackets are not only about being able to carry your favorite gadgets but it also has fashion in mind. The wearer should not appear bulking up numerous items that is why SCOTTeVEST made the pockets, up to 42 of them, well hidden."

"Combine a backpack with a piece of apparel and you get something like SCOTTeVEST. Made for hunting, fishing, and general outdoors use, it swallows up accouterments like cameras, knives, bird calls, binoculars, pens, battery packs, maps, a compass, smartphones, snacks, and more."

"It's perfect for travel, but you can wear this Teflon-treated coat on the golf course, for a hike, a bike ride, or out for a power walk, to dinner and drinks, and wherever else you might want to bring some things with you without carrying a bag."

"Seriously, I can fit enough in here to not have to take a laptop bag on a flight. Were I a frequent flyer, this would be amazing. Even now, as a subway rider, it’s made my life easier. I have room to put more laptops in my bag for my charity project or I can just eschew a laptop altogether."

"Perfect for travelers, photographers, gadget hounds and those that need pockets but also want to be seen in something fashionable."

"If you've ever found yourself fretting, 'where am I going to find the room to carry all these gadgets?' look no further than SCOTTeVEST's ample line of pocket-laden clothing."

"When it comes to clothes for geeks, nobody has been doing it longer or better than SCOTTeVEST."

"The designers at SCOTTeVEST have found unique and creative ways to integrate numerous pockets into their clothing, allowing you to carry all of your important items – including cell phone, passport, wallet, and camera – safely and securely. In fact, wearing some of their jackets can just about eliminate the need to use a carry-on bag altogether."

"Behold, a quantum update on the much-maligned pocket protector, which in retrospect might have been the first instance of “wearable tech.” The “e” in SCOTTEeVEST refers to all of your digital doodads, from smartphones to cameras and even the iPad Mini—all of which fit in one of the garment’s 19 pockets, with room left over for sunglasses, memory cards and travel documents. There’s even a channel to thread your earbuds through to avoid tangles."

“I use their products every time I travel because their multiple hidden pockets not only keep my valuables safe, but can act as extra carry-ons, as well.”

“You know that buddy of yours who’s always lugging around a laptop or tablet? Keep their arms and shoulders free with SCOTTeVEST.”

“Strategically placed, perfectly proportioned pockets provide a safe spot for everything, including a tablet, water bottle, passport wallet, pair of glasses and camera.”

“If you hate having to carry a bag, this jacket is for you.”

“The SCOTTeVEST Cotton Hoodie is a comfortable, casual piece, ideal for everyday travelers. The built in pockets allow you to wear your valuables and electronics, and the internal chest pockets help to protect from pick pockets.”

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