Employee gifts
for Poplicus, Inc.

Uniforms for The University of
Michigan Solar Car team

Gifts for Tech on Deck conference attendees

Crew gifts for the cast
of Fear The Walking Dead

Crew gifts for Revision3

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If you are:
-An employer in need of amazing gifts for employees, partners, vendors or customers
-A conference or trade show organizer looking for unforgettable attendee, speaker or VIP gifts

Then SCOTTeVEST is your solution!

We design clothing for men and women that helps organize the stuff we all need to carry around every day. We've all had the feeling of needing more pockets to hold our daily essentials, or worse, frantically looking through our pants or jacket to make sure we have our smartphone, wallet, keys, etc.

Our clothing solves this by providing a pocket for everything you need to hold, as well as keeping your stuff organized and secure.

We've found through our previous events and programs that SCOTTeVEST gifts create memorable experiences, plus it won't cost you any more than other gifts. With a full line of jackets, pants, hoodies and even specialty items like pocket-filled boxers, we can guarantee there is a SCOTTeVEST garment that will fit your needs!

Who wears SCOTTeVEST?

Corporate customers include:

Give a branded gift that people will appreciate and use for years to come!

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Jeff Bezos & Michael Bloomberg
at the Allen & Company conference

Gifts for DENT the Future
conference attendees

Gifts for Higher Ground Sun Valley Partners

Crew gifts for The Walking Dead actors
Norman Reedus & Tara Chambler

Speaker and VIP gifts for TEDMED