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SCOTTeVEST was formed in our guest bedroom in December of 2000. That's a long time ago! We sure have accomplished in that time, but we believe that the VEST is yet to come!

Here are some of the highlights along the way. If you want to learn more, read Our Story and feel free to take a walk down Memory Lane.


December 2000

SCOTTeVEST, LLC is formed in our guest bedroom.

Back then, Scott was a corporate lawyer, working too much and carrying WAY too many gadgets. He always asked Laura to carry all of his stff in her purse. Laura hated being tasked with being Scott’s personal sherpa. It was then that they conceived the idea for the first eVEST and began working on preliminary prototypes in their guest bedroom of their Chicago home.


April 2001

The eVEST 1.0 launches.

Finally the day had come! After nearly one year of hard work, Laura and Scott launched the eVEST 1.0 and immediately began pre-selling them online. Little did they know then that, SCOTTeVEST would become the very first digitally native clothing brand.

Not only was this a huge leap into their new lives, but it was also the day Laura gained the freedom from carrying Scott’s stuff. The first eVEST featured 15 pockets and the then patent pending, Personal Area Network (PAN).

Here was the first promotional video, with Laura narrating.

Watch This


September 23, 2003

SCOTTeVEST move to Idaho

Laura and Scott dreamed of one day living in the beautiful Ketchum, ID and after much planning, they decided to make their dream a reality. Moving their whole lives, pets and business to Idaho was no easy task, but it was one of the best decisions they've made



The worst decision.

Who remembers the original iconic iPod commercials, with the bright colored background?

Well, here's the SCOTTeVEST spoof on that commercial we did in 2006. There's a funny backstory to this. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, placed an order on our website in 2006. Scott immediately thanked him by email. He replied immediately, "Your product is an excellent accessory to an iPod." Scott mentioned my idea to do a spoof, reflected here, and asked him if he would want to be an actor in it. He said, "Yes!"

Scott later decided it would look too comedic and chose to use the actor in the video instead. This will go down as one of the worst decisions Scott ever made.

While we got a lot of views on this video, and it was extremely well done, it would have clearly gone viral with MILLIONS of views if I used Woz instead.

Watch This



Making a comeback from the worst decision.

Scott knew he could never make up for the huge mistake he made a year prior, or could he?

It’s not everyday that someone passes up, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Well, after that day of rejection, the two became great friends and what do two smart friends do when they are together? They make brilliant plans, which is what they did!

With some simple humor and the help of a few people, the two men created a popular YouTube series called "Woz-I-Sodes."

After getting a second chance, Scott knew he couldn't let, Woz walk away before asking him to become part of the SCOTTeVEST Board of Advisors. He accepted and the rest is history!



Inc. features SeV in 500 fastest growing companies list.

Remember the mention above that this company started in a guest bedroom? Fast forward to 2011 and SCOTTeVEST was ranked #77 in the top 500 fastest growing, privately held Consumer Products & Services Companies in Inc Magazine.



Scott Goes on ABC’s Shark Tank: Sharks meet a Killer Whale

This remains one of the most controversial episodes (Season 3 Episode 7) in Shark Tank history. What ensues is a battle with Mark Cuban, a call with Steve Wozniak, and Scott walking out with a $1 million offer on the table. It all ended with Scott telling the sharks "you’re out!" and walking off the stage. There’s a back story, however.



When you pick our pockets, nobody will pick yours!

Since the beginning of SCOTTeVEST, the vision was to change the lives of anyone wearing our product. We already gave our customers the gift of more space, so what else could be done? Keeping sneaky hands out of your pockets of course! This year we unveiled a new guarantee that offers reimbursement of up to $1000 USD for any valuables stolen from a user's garment. To this day, no customer has filed a claim.


November 2016

Lights, Camera, Action! SCOTTeVEST airs first national TV commercial.

Our first national TV commercial aired. Our commercial was an instant hit and we were flooded with calls and orders from new customers.



The eVEST returns! It’s not Rocket Science. It’s Pocket Science!

We rebranded back to the original eVEST nomenclature, together with the tagline, "It's not Rocket Science. It's Pocket Science."

We launched a completely redesigned website, focusing on our customer images and experiences, which we call eVESTimonials. We also explain Pocket Science.

While we will still be selling non-eVEST products, aka, eVEST the Rest, we are focusing on eVEST products.