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Our Story

From our guest bedroom in Chicago to our successful company today, it's been a wild ride for SCOTTeVEST.


Our story begins...

at the turn of the last century (known then as Y2K), when Scott Jordan realized the world of fashion was light years behind the ever-changing world of technology.


Back then, Scott was a corporate lawyer at a dotcom commuting between Chicago and Princeton, NJ weekly. He was miserable. His life was hectic, verging on crazy.

Working long hours and traveling too often, he was having a hard time keeping everything organized.

Scott circa 1999

Gadgets circa 1999

The world was giving us amazing new gadgets to make our lives better: cellphones (then called “flip phones”), digital cameras, hands-free headphones, chargers, CD/mp3 players, Palm Pilots and PDAs (remember all of those?), just to name a few. Carrying all those electronic devices was a HUGE problem for Scott...and everyone else. And, that doesn’t even include all the other more mundane stuff like: keys, wallet, passport, change, etc.


When it came time to carry around our awesome new toys, we were stuck fumbling through bags, fanny packs and backpacks with the constant worry we might forget something, have our bags stolen, pockets picked or just lose our keys in the abyss of a purse or briefcase

Scott circa 1998, Marrakech Morocco
Scott circa 2005 doing the Gadget Dance while filming the Wozi-sodes

Who hasn't lost their keys or phone momentarily only to discover them where you last left them after a panic we call the "gadget dance."


Scott's wife, Laura, was tired of Scott asking her to carry all of his gadgets in her purse and, since she wasn't commuting to Princeton with Scott, her purse was only a weekend solution anyway. Scott's traditional pockets couldn’t carry everything he needed...and a man purse was out of the question.

One day, while juggling all his devices while running through Chicago's O'Hare airport trying to catch his flight, Scott's headphone wire got caught on a door knob and, to hear him tell it, practically pulled out his ear lobe.

Scott called Laura and told her about his near catastrophe. She replied, "I'm sick of carrying your stuff around when you're in town and now you nearly lost your ear at the airport. You need a vest or something for all your crap."

Scene from iPod Spoof

Scott circa 2001 wearing the very first eVEST 1.0 beta edition

That's when the lightning bolt struck Scott. People need better, smarter pockets. And way more of them!

Scott quit his miserable job as a lawyer and began engineering clothing that could accommodate all his devices, their wires and all the other stuff he needed to carry.

And right then, the eVEST was born.

At first, Scott created a modified fisherman’s vest with extra pockets, enough to hold all of his essentials but still stylish enough to wear out around town. After developing the original eVEST, Scott named the company SCOTTeVEST, which stood for Scott's electronic vest.


He launched www.scottevest.com in April of 2000, creating the first digitally native brand to sell clothing and began pre-selling eVEST Version 1.0.

The original eVEST was an immediate hit - even a sensation. Over the years, we’ve received thousands of photos from our customers (we call them eVESTimonials) wearing our eVESTs all over the world - and telling us about the freedom and peace of mind our pragmatic "pocket science" approach has brought them.

Our very first logo, circa 2000

Those were the humble beginnings of SCOTTeVEST, a company born in the Jordan’s guest bedroom in Chicago that has evolved into an international business with a full line of clothing consisting of: eVESTs, eVESTs with sleeves (aka jackets), and eVEST Hoodies, for both men and women, along with what we call eVEST the REST, aka shirts, pants, hats, dresses, and even underwear, all with intelligently engineered pockets and features that hold all your essential items and all your electronic devices.

Are you ready to live, work, travel in a more carefree way? Give SCOTTeVEST garments a try, then let us know about your adventures, as you begin living with a new sense of security and freedom.

Who says you can’t have it all?

After all, it’s not rocket science, it’s pocket science!


It’s not Rocket Science, it’s Pocket Science