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System 8.0



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1 System. 2 Jackets. 8 Ways to Wear Them. The System 8.0 includes our SeV Shell 8.0 and SeV Fleece Jacket 8.0, which both have zip off sleeves and can be worn as either jackets or vests. With 43 pockets, the SeV System 8.0 is the ultimate SCOTTeVEST jacket! The Fleece 8.0 can be zipped into the Shell 8.0 as a liner for added warmth, while the Shell 8.0 is water-resistant and windproof, with an adjustable/detachable/stowable hood. The jackets are designed to be worn together, so you do need both in the same size so the zippers match up (this will happen automatically when you order the System). While the jackets are great on their own, ordering them together as the System 8.0 will give you the most options for all types of weather and will also save you $100 versus ordering each jacket separately. There are almost too many things to list that you can fit in the System 8.0 – we challenge you to fill it all the way up!
The versatile System 8.0 features an astonishing 43 pockets for anything and everything you need to bring on your next adventure.
Winter-ready: this jacket is one of the warmest we make and will keep you toasty no matter the climate!
Versatile: when you combine both components of the System 8.0 there are a total of 8 ways to wear the garment!
The System 8.0 is comprised of the Fleece 8.0 (polyester microfleece) and Shell 8.0 (polyester) and is machine washable.