Men's Lightweight Vest
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  • With 22 pockets, it's the lightest, bonus carry-on you can buy! Includes the TravelSmartSystem™
  • Breeze through security - just slip off the vest and pass it through the x-ray machine
  • Super lightweight, water-resistant, breathable polyester fabric
  • Teflon®-treated to be water and stain resistant
  • Hidden interior pockets with DeepPockets™ design help you stay organized
  • Lightweight for warm climates, mesh-lined for added comfort and breathability
  • Too cold to wear on its own? Use it as a "pocket layer" for your daily carry essentials under a heavier layer
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management
  • The ultimate in lightweight travel clothing: Why pay for a carry-on, or carry an extra bag, when you can easily wear everything you need and keep it right at your fingertips?
  • Weight Management System™, NoBulge™, clear touch pockets - see Key Features tab for full list
  • Sizes Large and up can hold iPad® in PadPocket™
  • Machine Washable (see clear touch fabric care instructions)

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Men's Lightweight Vest

There are many different interpretations of the phrase "traveling light," but we are now making it easier than ever. The Men's Lightweight Vest is a high-speed, low-drag version of SeV's flagship Men's Travel Vest, with updated styling, 22 hidden pockets and a mesh lining for added breathability and comfort. While this vest is designed to be used for travel to hot areas of the globe, this is not just hot-weather gear. The lightweight design and built-in Weight Management System distributes the weight of everything carried in the vest, making this a great layering option for the daily commute, regardless of the outside temperature. You already layer for warmth... now you can layer for pockets, too.

The layout of pockets allows you to supplement or replace a bag - or as many customers report doing - keep your valuables securely zippered in an inside pocket of the vest, inaccessible to pickpockets. Because this vest comfortably holds as much as a bag, but is not subject to airline rules and regulations, extra bag fees and carry-on fees do not apply to any SCOTTEVEST product. It can pay for itself in just one trip, and you'll always look great on the move!

The Men's Lightweight Vest is available in Steel and Oatmeal and made of Teflon®-treated polyester for breathability, stain- and water-resistance. The vest includes all of SeV's hallmark travel features, which allow travelers to securely carry travel documents, cell phones and MP3 players (with a patented Personal Area Network - PAN - for wire management), eyeglasses and digital cameras. iPads and similarly-sized items can also fit in sizes Large and up, so even when "traveling light" there's no need to leave anything behind. Lighten up, and see how great it feels to travel hands-free in your Men's Lightweight Vest from SCOTTEVEST. Machine washable.


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