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  • 37 Pockets are the most ever on an SeV jacket! Includes the TravelSmartSystem™
  • Equally suited for traveling around town or around the world
  • Internal and external pockets are engineered for functionality and comfort with our Weight Management System and NoBulge™ design
  • Waterproof and breathable material, with critical seams sealed
  • Removable hood, ergonomic zippers and magnetic closures
  • The ultimate in adventure travel clothing: Why pay for a carry-on when you can easily wear everything you need?
  • Weight Management System™, NoBulge™, clear touch pockets – see Key Features tab for full list
  • Sizes Medium and up can hold iPad® in PadPocket™
  • Machine Washable (see clear touch fabric care instructions)

SeV Expedition Jacket

Imagine that you were about to embark on a long journey to a far-off land, and you could carry nothing but what you could fit in your pockets. For this grand expedition, you would need the appropriately named SeV Expedition. 37 pockets - yes, blink a few times and re-read that - 37 pockets in one jacket, the most ever on a single SeV. (Maybe the Guinness Records folks should look into it....) Styled after a field jacket with both external and internal pockets and features, the Expedition can hold everything you need to carry with you on the trip of a lifetime (kitchen sink not included). In addition to the standard Weight Management System to balance the load of items carried in the jacket, and the TravelSmartSystem™ pockets found in most SeVs, the Expedition contains a prodigious number of unique features, including:

  • Gussetted external bellows pockets and a Zip-PIP™ zippered pocket-in-pocket
  • Various horizontal and vertical zippered pockets on the chest and arm for easy access to items of different sizes that need to stay secure, but reachable
  • Six back pockets/pouches, including water bottle carriers
  • Magnetic closures, a removable hood, hidden hook-and-loop arm patch and chest tab (for morale patches, ID, or external wire management), and adjustable drawcord waist
  • Waterproof Healspro® Fabric that has been Teflon®-treated, with critical seams sealed

You can carry an iPad® in it (sizes M & up), water bottles, maps, a phone and iPod® (in interior clear touch pockets so you can see and control the screen through the material), ID, tickets, passport, cameras, glasses, keys and almost anything else you can think of. We refer to this jacket as Pocketus Maximus, and it lives up to its name. The SeV Expedition is available in Charcoal Gray and Safari and is machine washable. As a testament to its complexity, the Expedition contains additional features not mentioned here... you will just need to discover them for yourself. (Good thing we include a pocket map... otherwise you might not find your way back!)


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