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Enforcer Jacket



The Enforcer Jacket takes CCW to the next level and is the newly improved version of the wildly popular Alpha Jacket. Designed specifically with law enforcement, military and gun enthusiasts in mind, The 100% poly exterior looks like a stylish softshell jacket on the outside - but the difference is inside! With 30 pockets and meticulous features concealed beneath the surface, including an RFID blocking pocket, you can always carry your way whether it's a firearm, a blade or both. The two front-positioned Rapid Access panels contain built-in sub pockets for extra magazines, and additional interior pockets feature loop faces for attaching a badge or secondary holster. The Enforcer is equipped with all of the functionality of other SCOTTeVEST garments, including pockets to securely store all your gear - even a full-size laptop - without weighing you down. Wear it with the Hidden Cargo Pants 2.0 or over the TEC Shirt for even more ways to carry!
The rugged Enforcer Jacket packs 30 pockets to hold all your belongings large or small.
Convertible: this jacket features zip off sleeves so you can convert it into a vest, or back to a jacket in seconds.
Tactical: tons of features and pockets designed specifically for CCW, military and police in mind.
This 100% polyester jacket is machine washable.
Features our specially engineered RFID-blocking pocket to block 13.56 MHz frequencies and keeping your credit card as well as passport information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves.
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