Carry-On Coat™
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  • New: See Our Latest Press Release On the New Carry-On Coat™ & the Delta Controversy
  • This coat with 33 Pockets can replace a carry-on! It includes the TravelSmartSystem™ and many other unique travel pockets
  • The ultimate in travel clothing: The Carry-On Coat is specially engineered to carry wardrobe items, toiletries, travel essentials and more
  • This is the SeV coat the airlines don't want you to know about Why pay for a checked bag or carry-on when you can easily wear everything you need?
  • Hidden pockets keep your travel documents and valuables secure
  • Just send the coat through the x-ray at security - saves time and money for extra bag fees
  • Includes patented Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Incorporates clear touch fabric interior pockets, weight management system and NoBulge™ pocket design
  • High-quality waterproof, breathable Teflon®-treated material
  • Storm collar with button tab helps protect against the elements
  • Magnetic storm flap & pocket closures
  • Most sizes are iPad Compatible
  • Special Sizing Note: The Carry-On Coat™ is sized to be worn as an overcoat to cover a sport coat and accommodate packing your carry-on items.
  • Machine Washable

Carry-On Coat™

Sometimes when going on a trip, people choose to "pack light," and this usually means carrying a small bag or two. The Carry-On Coat redefines packing light by allowing you to replace the contents of a typical carry-on bag with a precisely engineered structure of pockets and compartments built into the coat. No more extra bag fees, carry-on fees, or trying to stuff a carry-on bag under the seat in front of you; this coat holds as much as a bag, but is not subject to the airline rules and regulations. Consider it your free pass to hands-free travel... this is the SeV the airlines don't want you to know about.

SCOTTEVEST is known around the world for our travel clothing with many built-in pockets, but the Carry-On Coat raises the bar. We've included 33 pockets designed with our NoBulgeTM pocket structure and Weight Management System built in, so even if you are carrying three days' worth of wardrobe items, toiletries and other essentials, you won't look or feel like you are. We designed the Carry-On Coat for precisely this purpose: to allow travelers to go away for a weekend with everything they need (including clothing!) inside the coat. Fully self-contained travel.

Going through security at the airport could not be easier. No bags to check, no bag fees and you can put the Carry-On Coat right through the x-ray machine (without emptying anything from your pockets except liquids and your laptop). We have even included an easy-access 3-1-1 pocket for carrying the regulation 1 quart bag of 3oz. liquids, so no fumbling on your way to the gate.

The Carry-On Coat is made of a Teflon®-treated waterproof and breathable material, and styled like a traditional Trench Coat. There is carrying capacity for up to four shirts and t-shirts, two pairs of slacks, socks, ties, underwear, toiletries and more. These items are in addition to what our typical travel features, which allow you to securely carry travel documents, cell phones and MP3 players (with our patented Personal Area Network - PAN), eyeglasses and digital cameras. iPads and similarly-sized items can also fit in most sizes, so even if you're traveling light there's no need to leave anything behind. Available in Khaki. Made of Teflon®-treated Waterproof/Breathable 100% Polyester. Machine Washable.


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