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Travel Made Easy!

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Travel Made Easy

by Barry Moltz, Author and SeV Board Member

Air travel these days is as much fun as going to the dentist, but there are ways to make it easier. I fly 100 flights a year and this is what I have learned:

1. Sign up for notification on your PDA if there are changes in flight departures. While most changes occur after you have left for the airport, there is a small chance you can avoid a long front end delay.

2. Wear a jacket with alot of pockets to make TSA security go smoother. I suggest the Scottevest Essential Jacket. I can zip in all my keys, phones, wallets, etc. so at security, I only have to take off the jacket and place it in the bin. Leave the tie shoes at home.

3. If you arrive at the airport earlier and you can get on a flight that leaves earlier, take it (even if you have to sit in a middle seat). Nothing can replace getting in the air to your destination. They can only keep you circling for so long until you run out of jet fuel.

4. Flight delays will expand not contract. Flight delays only get longer, not shorter especially with crew or mechanical issues. If you can get on a flight that is suppose to leave later, but is not delayed, get on that flight.

5. If the pilot says that “it’s a beautiful day for flying“, you will either hit turbulence or a delay.

6. If you fly in the morning, take the first flight of the day. It is almost never delayed since the plane is already at your airport. Likewise, don’t fly on Friday night late. That flight is always late.

7. Never take the last flight of the day to a location. They may cancel it or you may get in to the city very late at night (or early in the morning). Flight delays lengthen as the day goes on. It is much better to have dinner in your destination city then have it at the airport.

8 . Join the airline’s club. It’s worth the annual membership fees with free WIFI, drinks and comfy chairs….and the airline folks in the club will actually try to help you.

9. Travel on one airline. There nothing that beats ”faux personalized service”, getting upgrades and getting preference on standby.

10. Leave 3 hours for any connection especially in Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas. 95% of flights are delayed less than 3 hours. If you have a 3 hour layover, chances are that you will make the flight.

11. Bring enough work, reading, movies to last for a three hour delay plus flight time (and make sure you have enough battery power too!)

What are your rules of the air?Send us your travel tips.