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The “pack it in, pack it out” lifestyle is easy with the Pack Jacket’s 13 pockets! This super lightweight poly windbreaker is your partner in adventure. The Pack Jacket, you guessed it, can be packed into its own pocket for easy storage and quick access. Hang it on your backpack, shove it in a pannier or stowe it in your glovebox to get the most out of your active life. You’ll love it! Pro-tip: stash this guy in the back pocket of your RFID Travel Vest. You’ll thank us.
The sleek and functional Pack Jacket packs 13 pockets to provide quick access to your essentials.
Mini PadPocket: a pocket designed to hold your iPad Mini or other small tablets (all sizes).
Packable: able to pack itself into one of the pockets to make it more convenient to carry around.
This 100% polyester jacket is machine washable.
Rated 3.8 out of 5 based on 90 reviews