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Share Your Love For Pockets

Everyone Needs More Pockets!

Share a discount with your friend and get rewarded! Referred friends will receive 20% off on their first order plus 250 Pocket Points sign-up bonus if they join the SeVIP Loyalty Program!

Referring loyalty members will receive 1500 Pocket Points for each referral!

Not sure how to refer friends for Pocket Points? See below!

Get Rewarded for Referring Friends

Refer Your
Friend Receives
20% Discount Code
Friend Uses
Discount Code
You Receive 1500
Pocket Points

Refer Friends in Three Easy Steps

Sign In
to your SeVIP Account
Open SeVIP Rewards
Scroll Down to Referrals
Refer Your Friends!
(they'll thank you)

You can refer friends through any of the integrated options below. We'll automatically send your friend the discount code, track the completion of the referral, and award your SeVIP account with Pocket Points once your friend completes their first order.

New to SeVIP?

Joining is Free and Easy! Don't wait around- SeVIP Month only lasts through the month of July and referrals must be completed during the promotion to receive the bonus rewards!

Sign Up
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