2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

SCOTTeVEST will reimburse you up to $1000 USD for any valuables pickpocketed out of your SCOTTeVEST while traveling. The following restrictions apply:

Unfortunately for travelers, many of the most popular international travel destinations including Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Prague also top the list of most pickpocketed cities, according to TripAdvisor. Lucky for you, we have you covered!

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This is not an everyday guarantee, and it’s not something you will hear from other companies. But, this is exactly how confident we are in our product. If you are pickpocketed while wearing your SCOTTeVEST, we will reimburse you for any losses up to $1,000 USD. Unfortunately, anytime you wave around $1,000, it brings out the trolls and con artists, so our lawyers made us put in some fine print. Even with the details below, we promise you that if you are truly pickpocketed while wearing your SeV, we will cover your losses.

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