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Don’t I love it! I’m wearing it all the time. Scott Jordan, who started SCOTTeVEST, wanted to make clothing for geeks like us, with pockets. Their stuff is getting better and better and better.

–Leo Laporte, This Week In Technology Host


Weight Management System

The Weight Management System ensures maximum carrying capacity and maximum comfort. Whether you load up all your tech just a few of your devices, you won't feel or see bulges and your neck won't get sore from the added weight.

Personal Area Network

Our Patented Personal Area Network links nearly all of the pockets to one another through the lining. Never have your headphones tangled or a batter-hungry device die when you need it most.

Pad Pockets

Never be without your tech, regardless of size! Most garments feature a specially designed pocket that allows you to comfortably carry your full size tablet with you while you're on the go.

Removable Sleeves

Many jackets feature removable sleeves, so you can convert it into a vest and back again in seconds. From CES to Comic Con, you (and your devices) you will always stay dry and comfortable.

Water Bottle Pocket

Never be without your favorite beverage! Many garments feature a pocket to hold your water bottle or drinks so you always stay hydrated and in the zone!

Sunglasses Pocket

Dirty touchscreens and glasses are annoying. That’s why most of our garments come with a pocket specifically designed to hold your glasses that also includes an attached chamois to clean your screen and lenses.

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