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It's not Rocket Science. It's Pocket Science.

"Can Truly Hold As Much As A Bag"

-The New York Times

SCOTTeVEST revolutionized the clothing industry with a very simple idea: people need better, smarter pockets! While this is not a rocket science it is pocket science!

From strategic pocket size and placement to more advanced features such as the patented personal area network, SCOTTeVEST has left no stone unturned in its quest to create the most useful and versatile garments on the market.

From jackets to hoodies, vests, dresses and even underwear, our clothing is perfect for the outdoors, travel or just lounging around the house.

There's a reason we've sold over 100 million pockets to date. Wear a SCOTTeVEST once and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Built-In Features of Our Clothing:

Weight Management System

The Weight Management System ensures maximum carrying capacity and maximum comfort. Whether you load up all your pockets or just take a few essentials, you won't feel or see bulges and your neck won't get sore from the added weight.

Personal Area Network

The PAN is a network of hidden conduits throughout our garments, which are designed for routing charging cables from pocket to pocket, or headphones up to the collar for easy access. This ensures you never have to deal with tangled wires again and, paired with an external battery, will keep even your most battery-hungry devices at full charge.

Device Pockets

Never be without your tech, regardless of size! Our garments feature specially designed pockets that allow you to comfortably carry your full size tablet, phone and even your laptop with you while you're on the go.

Removable Sleeves

Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or in an air-conditioned office, our jackets feature removable sleeves so you can keep your essentials close while staying comfortable. Perfect for flights when the plane temperature is too cold or hot.

RFID Blocking Pockets

Most of our travel clothing features a pocket that blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies, which keeps your passport and credit card information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves. Especially useful when you're traveling abroad or checking out at your local supermarket.

Glasses Pocket with Cleaning Cloth

Dirty touchscreens and glasses are annoying. That’s why most of our garments come with a pocket specifically designed to hold your glasses that also includes an attached chamois to clean your screen and lenses.

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What People Are Saying About SCOTTeVEST*

Celebrities love pockets, too! None are paid.

Frank Ocean,
Grammy Award Winning Musician

"Men need to get hip to the SCOTTeVEST,” Ocean says. “You can put anything in it. Your water bottle, your cell phone, your motorcycle helmet—you can put all that $#%* inside the SCOTTeVEST.” -GQ, February 2019

Steve Wozniack,
Co-Founder - Apple

"I do love my SCOTTeVEST products. I am truly a fan."

Guy Kawasaki,
Tech Evangelist

"Wow! There's more design thought into these garments than most smart phones."

Amy Tan,
New York Times Best Selling Author

Amy is often spotted wearing SCOTTeVEST in her global travels!

Herbie Hancock,
Grammy Award Winning Jazz Musician

"What a great invention! I'm going to turn all my techie musician friends on to it."

Matthew McConaughey,
Academy Award Winning Hollywood Actor

Matthew McConaughey sprung into action in his SCOTTeVEST as seen in the blockbuster movie Sahara.


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Why We Started SCOTTeVEST

Our story begins back in 2000, when Laura and Scott Jordan - our future Pocket entrepreneurs - realized the world of fashion was light years behind the ever-changing world of technology. The modern world was giving us amazing new gadgets to make our lives better: cell phones, portable cameras, chargers, mp3 players (remember those?) and other portable electronic devices. But alas, when it came time to carry around our awesome new toys, we were stuck fumbling through bags and backpacks with the constant worry we might forget something, have our bags stolen, or just lose our keys in the abyss of a purse or briefcase.

Laura was tired of carrying all of Scott’s gadgets in her bags and Scott’s traditional pockets couldn’t carry everything he needed...and a man purse was out of the question. Scott had a brilliant idea: he would create a modified fisherman’s vest but with extra pockets, enough to hold all of his essentials but still stylish enough to wear out around town.

Those were the humble beginnings of SCOTTeVEST, a company that has evolved into an international business with a full line of intelligent clothing for men and women expertly designed by our Pocket Scientists to make life better. Who says you can’t have it all?

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