The Plot

These gents persevered a 2400 mile trek for charity. The least we can do is watch their video.

In September of 2011, three adventurous friends embarked on a No Baggage Challenge across India. They called themselves Team Veerasway. Their cause? Two very worthy charities: Frank Waters and Apna Ghar Inc. The three young men traveled in an Auto-Rikshaw, a three-wheeled, unreliable, very low-horsepower deathtrap of sorts. They took only what would fit in their SCOTTEVEST gear.

Team Veerasway is named after their biggest sponsor, Veerasway Restaurant in Chicago, IL. Also listed among their sponsors: SCOTTEVEST (of course!), uni-ball, and Bucketfeet. There was plenty of press surrounding the adventure (send three handsome guys into a perilous situation in a hilarious vehicle, the people love it!) which can be viewed on their press page.

The crew amassed several injuries, many friends, donations, and plenty of memories. You can read all about the team, their travels, and the causes on their blog.

The Characters

Patrick "Cheeks" Marsden
Patrick is a dual citizen of Britian and the US (his accent is all England) and was raised in India, England, and Turkey. He has lived and worked in Chicago for several years as a financial consultant. He suffered a motorcycle injury, but returned from the trip relatively unscathed.

Jake "The Snake" O'Hear
Jake was born and raised in London. He is an accomplished rugby player and currently works in the financial sector. He came close to losing an eye on the trip, but thankfully still has the luxury of depth perception.

Ed "Tempest" Templeton
Ed was also born and raised in London. He works in London at an international ad agency, after having abandoned a brief stint as the narrator of a children's news show. Any and all injuries seem to be a result of his fearlessly foolish temperment.

The Setting (The Route)

How it all began

The very first No Baggage Challenge was carried out by travel writer Rolf Potts of Rolf Potts' Vagabonding. In August of 2010, he left on a trip that took him around the world without a single piece of luggage. The trip lasted six weeks and crossed five continents. Why? Well, he has a few answers. First of all, it seemed like fun. He also saw the challenge as a test for a philosophical ideas that what we experience is more important that what we have. He discovered SCOTTEVEST at just the right time, and the No Baggage Challenge came to fruition. To see his route and read about his adventures, visit his blog about the journey.