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We Believe a World Without Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is Possible

We've partnered with JDRF to help unlock the
science around preventing, treating and curing T1D.

About JDRF

Improving lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes and its complications.

JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. By partnering with JDRF, we're helping to unlock the science that is improving lives, and ultimately, finding a cure.

JDRF was founded by volunteers, and they’ve only become more important since then. Their passion continues to drive the JDRF mission forward. JDRF’s progress means progress for people with T1D and their loved ones.

No organization in the world is more committed to T1D research than JDRF. They provide focus and guidance to produce research breakthroughs that bring us closer to our goal: A World Without T1D

Support JDRF

SeV is donating a portion of all sales made through the partnership to JDRF for research to find a cure for T1D. We are also offering discounts to the JDRF community and planning special events throughout the year to support JDRF and its mission.
No organization in the world is more committed to T1D research than JDRF. Together, we help provide focus and guidance to produce research breakthroughs that bring us closer to our goal: a world without T1D.


Every day, people living with T1D must carry an assortment of items at all times everywhere they go. These items can include an insulin pump, a blood glucose meter, alcohol swabs, syringes... the list goes on! Every item is essential to their survival.

Now, imagine a multi-pocket garment with tons of useful features that lets you comfortably carry all of your essentials and keeps your gear organized and within reach. You won't find a more fitting partnership than SCOTTeVEST and JDRF.

Share Your Story

Our partnership with JDRF all began with a story from a customer. If SCOTTeVEST has helped make living with T1D easier for you, we'd love to share your story here.

“I always pack my diabetes kit on the left side of the eVEST, and I keep my glucose tablets on the right. They’re easily accessible and this is the way I commute to work or attend a conference or when I travel. It’s that simple”

“Growing up and seeing my dad with a lot of SCOTTeVEST products, knowing that there are a lot of different pockets in different places where you could organize everything, really helped me understand what products I could use to carry around everything”

“Chaos is not your friend. You cannot have a chaotic house, chaotic medicals...everything has to have a place. So the Chloe that my daughter has, she fills it with every item necessary and there’s no chaos. It’s all very organized because of the way the pockets are set up.”

“I chose SCOTTeVEST because its products are very efficient for what I need to carry with me on a day to day basis”

“As a nurse, I work with ostomy patients, but also with diabetics. I’ve directed a number of my patients on the SCOTTeVEST site, and a lot of them bought items to help them with their medical needs”

“As a hiker and sailor, it is exciting to find comfortable clothing that meets my needs to carry all my necessary diabetes gear.”

“Love all the pockets! Well-designed clothing that allows me to carry all my diabetes supplies with me all the time.”

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