Travel Clothing including travel jackets, travel vests, wrinkle free shirts and travel pants. SeV travel clothes offer the ultimate in travel wear with multiple pockets to hold all your travel accessories and travel gear. SeV offers wrinkle-free travel clothes for, as Scott Jordan says, the "trip of your life".

Scott Jordan, founder and CEO, and his team created a 2010 SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing Catalog that not only features their wonderful line of travel clothing for men and women but it also displays a wonderful collection of Scott Jordan's SeV travel clothes being worn around the world by many happy customers. It includes a SeV travel jacket on the Great Wall of China and our Pack Traveling Windbreaker trekking through Innsbruck Austria. Our Travel Soft Shell jacket is seen traveling in Rome Italy, adding warmth to San Francisco travelers and on trails in Yosemite National Park. Our Quantum Travel Jacket tours Mont Tremblant, South Africa, London and enjoys the Chung Yen Monastery. The SeV Fleece Jacket is an ideal traveler to the UK, Dublin Ireland and helps a photographer document memories in Phoenix.

Our Evolution Travel Jacket is seen cycling on the Xian Wall in China and adding warmth to the British Isles. The diverse Pack Travel Windbreaker not only visited Innsbruck but is also shown being worn on vacationers traveling to ideal vacation spots such as Kennebunk Main, Disneyland, Honolulu Hawaii and international travel to Ireland. Our Tropical Travel Jacket/Vets has visited such exotic places as Peru, The Pantheon in Rome and Niagara Falls. Our Men's and Women's travel vest is probably the most well traveled of all our travel wear with such wonderful destinations as Giza Egypt, Northern Ireland, Venice Italy, Guatemala and Petra Jordan... this travel vest gets around!

The traveling continues for both Essential Travel Jacket for Men and Women who have also visited Italy, Ireland, Egypt but also have enjoyed tours in New Zealand, Argentina and even enjoyed an excursion to Estonia. Team Scott Jordan, SCOTTEVEST/SeV, has had literally thousands of photos submitted by traveling fans from their travels all around the world... all enjoying the trips of their life's with a little assistance from SeV Travel Clothing.

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