TEC presents a Viable Alternative to Bluetooth®

Las Vegas, NV -- Ketchum, ID - January 5, 2005 - Technology Enabled Clothing® (TEC) was granted a patent for its Personal Area Network (PAN) system. (Patent No. 6,826,782, can be viewed here). The PAN is an internal conduit system that enables you to wire third party devices inside garments. It will be marketed under the registered trade name TEC®, which is the acronym for Technology Enabled Clothing®. Examples of the patented technology will be shown at the Showstoppers media event for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) on January 6 at the MGM Grand Hotel. The release of this information is timed to coincide with CES to emphasize the importance of clothing as technology.

The patent was issued as a utility patent, with extremely broad coverage. The patent covers the incorporation of third-party wires within hidden portions of clothing. Mathew Corr, patent attorney, of Boyle, Fredrickson, Newholm, Stein & Gratz of Milwaukee, WI, said, “All twenty-two claims were allowed without objection from the U.S Patent Office over the most relevant prior art of record, and therefore we believe this patent is extraordinarily strong and will withstand scrutiny.”

By securing the patent, TEC is now the exclusive owner of solutions for incorporating third party electronics and wires into clothing. CEO Scott Jordan said, "This is the final step toward becoming the most recognized brand in the convergence of technology and apparel.” TEC intends to license its intellectual property rights through a wide variety of channels, including military, industrial and consumer. “We intend to follow models similar to GORE-TEX® and Dolby®, making our technology widely available. We expect TEC® innovations will be ubiquitous by 2010--we believe consumers will desire only garments that display the TEC® name," said Jordan.

Various branches of the military and Homeland Defense Department, including Special Ops, Secret Service, and the FBI have successfully used variations of the TEC® system in the field. The TEC® system enables serviceman to use communication devices easily without calling attention to themselves. Industrial designs are currently being tested by airplane mechanics and by medical professionals in the form of a lab coat. Consumer use has been proven by the overwhelming success of SCOTTEVEST, Inc., a licensee of TEC®.

The TEC® patented solution is especially relevant in light of proliferation of MP3 players such as Apple’s iPod, and the recent state, federal and international legislation mandating hands free use of cell phones while driving.

In addition to the value of the patent, Jordan believes the company’s greatest asset is the strength and simplicity of the registered brand name, Technology Enabled Clothing -- TEC®. According to Jordan, "when you see the TEC® label, you will know that the garment is prepared for the 21st century. It will accommodate your personal electronics and you'll still be able to easily use them. We expect that within five years, over half of all garments will include some adaptation of the TEC® system. As consumer electronics become ubiquitous, so to will the TEC® brand,” said Jordan, "the TEC® name will ensure people that they are buying a garment that will simplify their life, because TEC® innovations allow technology to enhance one’s life, rather than complicate it." The company is currently involved in negotiations with major clothing manufacturers.

TEC® also plans to offer consulting services to manufacturers who are unsure of how to approach consumers with regard to incorporating technology into clothing. TEC® is the market leader in the technology-driven garment industry. The combination of technology and clothing is novel, and clothing makers are just becoming comfortable with the idea. TEC® has the capacity ease the transition. Already, the business community has recognized TEC® as an industry leader. In a recent report, Giga Information Group concluded that TEC’s innovations will “provide value for enterprise applications . . . " allowing "a more personal way to carry technology and keep it easily accessible." The Wall Street Journal, CNN, US News and World Report, Business Week and Investor's Daily have also highlighted TEC's innovative thinking.

While other companies are focusing on more complicated and expensive solutions, TEC® is pursuing an agenda of simple, ready solutions that can easily be integrated into any garment and used with existing devices. “There is a continuum of solutions,” said Jordan. “We are ready to introduce technology into clothing with smart and inexpensive ideas --TEC® is prepared to bridge the consumer understanding gap with current solutions. At the same time, we will continue to develop innovations for the future.”

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About Technology Enabled Clothing, Inc. - TEC®
Founded in 2001, Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) is the leader in the apparel industry as it relates to incorporating electronic equipment into clothing. TEC holds patent protection for the design and utility of incorporating third-party electronic devices and their wires into clothing. The company maintains strategic partnerships with significant contributors to the technology-driven garment industry including Xybernaut®, Global Solar®, Foster-Miller® and others. For more information regarding licensing TEC® technology, please visit

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