Too Sexy?

Too sexy for the SCOTTeVEST?It is interesting to know that whenever I attended tradeshows, people ask for Rebecca by name. In past newsletters, we averaged a click through rate of over 35%, which BLOWS (no pun intended) away industry standards (typically around 1-2%). Over 90% of the clicks were directly related to Rebecca. We are a very unique company in that we are trying to market technology and fashion in one item. These are typically two completely different markets with different standards. In fashion advertisements, major companies use sexual images to sell their product every day. We are not saying this is the best option, but the public has assured advertisers that sex sells. We simply wanted to show that the SCOTTeVESTTM does not have to be considered a "geeky" item and that it appeals to the same public as other fashion apparel. At the fashion shows at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and CTIA, much more provocative images/models were used. We have decided not to focus that much on Rebecca in future ads (mainly because she moved to Arizona). No matter which side you come out on this debate, ask yourself, "Have I ever seen a provocative picture of an attractive model in another magazine or online site?"

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