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VERSION THREE.0 in FineTex®, Microfiber, Fleece, and Stealth

Check out Jay Shindler Modeling his SeV!  Carry all your Stuff and Look Stylish!

The wait is finally over! The VERSION THREE.0 line allows users to discretely carry multiple electronic devices in the concealed, ergonomically designed pocket system, as well as connect gadgets together with the IMPROVED patent-pending Personal Area Network (PAN). VERSION THREE.0+ FineTex has 30 hidden pockets and compartments, waterproof and breathable exterior fabric (like Gore-Tex), DuPont's CoolMax mesh interior, AND the ability to zip-in a fleece liner (giving you 42 POCKETS!), making it perfect for all seasons.   You can get both jackets by purchasing the VERSION THREE.0 SYSTEM and save $90.   You'll have 2 jackets, which can both be worn as vests by removing the sleeves.  To read an independent review, click here

Click Here to Read the Complete Review!  These Gadget Girls Really Know their Fashion!

Order the THREE.0 FineTex or Fleece today!
We're taking pre-orders for the THREE.0 Microfiber and Stealth versions -- SAVE $20.


CEO Scott Jordan modeling the Leather Jacket

The Limited Edition Leather Version is based upon the VERSION THREE.0, but it comes in high quality Napa lambskin leather. It's like "butter".  Don't wait to order since only 400 will be made and most have already been spoken for. Pre-order today for $400 - a savings of $50! The Limited Edition Leather version will be available by mid-October, but if you pre-order before September, you should have it sooner since we are air shipping them to Chicago. 


We are closing out all prior versions to make room for the new inventory.   You can now get a Version 2.5 for as low as $99.99.  Sport TECs are only $79.99.  Version 2.0 is only $69.99. 


Please note that sizes availability is limited in some models.  To shop by size click here



The Greatest Baseball Cap Ever! (TEC Hat) will be shipping by Monday of next week.   The TEC Hat has features like 2 hidden pockets, hidden ear loops, CoolMax® mesh lining, and more.   It will be available in stone washed blue gray for $19.99. Read the story about the hat hereOrder your TEC Hat today!

The Chicago Sun Times featured the TEC Hat in today's paper.  Click here to read the full article.

Complete It with Accessories

New SportLights are a great accessory!
SCOTTeVEST now carries a variety of great accessories to accompany your SCOTTeVEST. If you've been watching the trendy new make-over shows, you know the importance of accessories, and ours have the gadget lover in mind. Check them out--the Fab Five would definitely approve.  Our latest accessory is the Compass/Light/Keychain. Another new product is the SportLite Carabineers. This bright LED flashlight includes an accessory clip, making it easy to clip it to just about anything. This light is offered in 4 colors: blue, red, green, and black.


Now, this is the greatest online game EVER.  Not only is it fun, but amusing as well.  There are bonus rounds, and you can even win free products. Forward it to a friend if you like it.
Click here to play the new SCOTTeVEST game. In the game, POTUS -President Bush- uses the SCOTTeVEST as part of his defense. Your goal is to collect various gadgets to store them in the pockets of the SCOTTeVEST. Watch out for Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden who throw weapons of mass destruction at you while you try to collect the gadgets. Good luck! The high score every month gets a free SeV!

New SCOTTeVEST Web site Launched

Check out our great new web design. We've included more pictures and detailed product information to better acquaint you with our products. There are also instructional and promotional videos featuring the SCOTTeVEST. We also have a new Community Section where you can post and read messages and pictures on the various forums. Plus, we've added a glossary of terms and a shopping wizard to help you find the perfect SCOTTeVEST for your needs

President Scott Jordan Featured on Radical Sabbatical show

Scott just finished filming for the Fine Living Network's show Radical Sabbatical. The crew followed him around for two days to see how an ex-lawyer turned entrepreneur has changed his lifestyle. The show will be airing soon. As soon as we know the air date, we'll let you know.

Neiman Marcus becomes a reVESTor


The major retailer Neiman Marcus has taken a strong interest in the SCOTTeVEST. They will be selling the new VERSION THREE.0 Fleece in their upcoming catalog. Now, you'll be able to order this version from this world-renowned catalog. Once the catalog is distributed, be sure to check us out!
TEC® and SeV® Registered Trademark

The paperwork is done and everything's official, SCOTTeVEST® and Technology Enabled Clothing® are now registered trademarks. Technology Enabled Clothing LLC (TEC), is the parent company of SCOTTeVEST LLC (SeV) and makers of the world renowned line of eVESTs that combine technology and futuristic garments, has announced it has been awarded registered trademark status for the term 'technology enabled clothing.' Click here to see the release.

As Seen In...

Check our our new In the News Section, and some highlights below:

This month we were featured in Entertainment Weekly in the Video games section. They referred to the SCOTTeVEST as "an accessory-friendly accessory."   Click here to read the full article.

Petersen's Photographic
The SCOTTeVEST is also a featured product in Petersen's Photographic September issue.


We're Moving to Sun Valley, Idaho!

After years of vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho, Laura and Scott Jordan have decided to collect their things and head out west. So, SCOTTeVEST is along for the ride. After September 21, we will no longer be at the Chicago address. Our new address is shown here. Any correspondence sent after September 15 should be directed to this address.

323 Shady Lane
Ketchum, ID 83340-2626

Click Here To Read Article

"Rumor has it that the POTUS (President Of The United States) himself spotted one of these stylish garments on a Secret Service Agent and insisted on one of his own--replete with a presidential seal."

Geek Chic
"It's ideal for speeding through airport security--simply slip off the vest and pass it through the X-ray machine."

Gear Garment
"It lets you carry an extraordinary array of gear and gadgetry, keeping everything securely stowed . . . but still readily available."

Is that an iPod in Your Pocket?
"At first glance, the SCOTTeVEST . . . looks like a normal windbreaker. . . . The jackets sport as many as 22 different compartments inside . . . We were actually surprised by the attractiveness of the jacket."

Enhanced Clothing
"Technology Enabled Clothing has developed the SCOTTeVEST . . . which conceals cellphone headset wires and a 'hydration system,' a back pocket for a water bottle with a straw running through the vest's collar to the wearer's mouth."


Shawn White
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Vestimonial of the month:
Man! I love my Scottevest more and more every day.  It far exceeded my expectations in every way. It looks sharp both with and w/o the sleeves and even when I've got ten or twelve pounds of "stuff" in it.
From my Palm to my cell phone, my darts, keys...there's a place for nearly everything. Thanks again for a jacket that works as smart as I do. ;-) Shawn White

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