Travel Clothing Company Founder Gets Cheeky to Introduce the Only Underwear with an iPhone Pocket

Ketchum, ID, NOVEMBER 5, 2010 - SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing CEO and Founder Scott Jordan can't contain his excitement about his company's newest travel innovation: the SeV Travel Boxers, complete with an iPhone' pocket.

SeV Travel Boxers

"Keep it in your shorts!" Scott exclaims with a smirk. "Your iPhone, that is. Like a lot of guys, I sleep with my iPhone on the nightstand. But in between using the phone as a nightlight to find the bathroom, making coffee in the morning and checking my email, there was no place to put my phone."

The new travel boxers from SCOTTEVEST solve this problem, and resemble shorts enough that they could serve double-duty in a pinch (which comes in handy while traveling). To prove this point in the most humorous way possible, Scott filmed this video which ponders - in Scott's words, "If your boxers look like shorts, and you wear them around the office, are you actually exposing yourself?"

SeV Travel Boxers

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Developed for the needs of travelers - but suitable for everyday use - SeV's travel boxers are quite a few notches up from the typical Christmas-morning gift fare. An almost-impossible amount of requirements went into the development of these boxers. The engineering attention put into SeV's Travel Boxers even rivals the research conducted in "Victoria's" secret lab.

The requirements for perfect Travel Boxers were:

  • usable as shorts "in a pinch" - yes (don't believe us?... watch the video)
  • have an iPhone® pocket - yes, see the animation above
  • lightweight - yes, they weigh about 3 oz.
  • amazingly comfortable 9 yes, but you'll need to take our word for it
  • cool and wicking - yes, thanks to their special Nylon & Lycra® blend
  • dry quickly when washed - yes, as documented in our six-week field test below
  • resist odor - yes, due to the Aegis® Microbe Shield treatment
  • occupy a very small space when folded - yes, easily pocket-sized
  • available in multiple colors - yes, black and charcoal
  • reasonably priced - yes, $20 each or 3 or more for $15 each

The SeV Travel Boxers pair well with SeV's Performance Tops to provide a cool base layer for travelers, whether they are shuffling through airports or going on safari. They are available exclusively at

Field Tested: 42 days, 12 countries, 12 flights and 34,440 miles traveled (in two pairs of boxers)

Before bringing the travel boxers to market, Scott sent noted travel writer Rolf Potts on the first No Baggage Challenge. Rolf spent 42 days circling the globe with no bags, and all of his travel essentials in the pockets of his SeV jacket and pants. He wore one pair of SeV Travel Boxers and carried a second, washing them in the hotel sink each night and trading off between the two. They exceeded expectations through heat, cold, planes, trains, buses, camels, cities, deserts, desserts (the waistband has some stretch!) and more hand-washings than most people do in a year.

Rolf's final assessment: they work perfectly! He said, "Comfortable, fast drying, and odor-resistant... and I've noted in previous field reports that the boxers doubled as running shorts and a swimming suit during the journey." See the video here.


SCOTTEVEST is one of the world's leading travel clothing companies. SeV specializes in stylish jackets, shirts and pants with a unique hidden pockets for travelers, and a patented system of conduits and pockets for carrying, using and enjoying personal electronics. In 2010, SCOTTEVEST became the first clothing company to provide a pocket for the iPad®.

Visit our Wikipedia entry for SCOTTEVEST, Wikipedia entry for CEO & Founder Scott Jordan or for additional information.

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