In 2000, I created SCOTTeVEST to solve a common and growing problem: I love gadgets, but there was no easy way to carry, organize, access and protect them while I traveled. (A man-purse was not an option!) As more people joined the "pocket revolution" I was starting, it became clear that the mission of SCOTTeVEST extended far beyond just vests, and far beyond just travel. Today, with several patents and nearly 10 million pockets sold, we have developed a full line of tech-enabled, multi-pocket clothing for men and women that helps keep you organized, safe from pickpockets and always connected to your tech.

Looking back, this was always my vision for SCOTTeVEST... even if I didn't realize it at the time. Read the full story of SCOTTeVEST in my book "Pocket Man"and my Freedom Video about how I found personal freedom.

NEW: Watch the Pocket Man story like a true superhero... in this comic book-style video!

If you saw me on ABC's Shark Tank, you know that I am an ex-lawyer, but you may not have known that SCOTTeVEST was (and is) my "escape from the law." While I was good at being a lawyer, I wasn't passionate about it... and passion is a driving force in my life and business. If you would like to read more about my history, check out my bio, but everyone who knows me will tell you the same thing: what you see is what you get. I even wrote a book about it and told my story in video!

I want to be the best CEO to my customers and that requires being more accessible than any other business owner. I am doing something unprecedented...making my personal information available to you. Here is my personal email address, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ account and most importantly, my cell number: 208-806-1472. I want to hear from YOU! And don’t forget to check out my video! If you like this business philosophy, you'll appreciate how I developed it. Check out my book "Pocket Man" for the inside story and my Freedom Video about how I found personal freedom.