RFID Blocking Pocket
Created as an extra pocket inside the pickpocket proof travel documents pocket, the RFID blocking pocket adds an extra layer of security to our Travel Vest. Made of a special fabric, the RFID blocking pocket protects passports and credit cards with RFID tags from being scanned. It does NOT block signals from magnetic card readers or door-lock RFID cards, but it covers the most important wavelengths that travelers are concerned about.


The RFID Travel Vest for Men has 26 pockets vs. 24 in the previous version (the RFID pocket and an angled drop-in cellphone pocket inside the PIP-zip are the new additions).

The RFID Travel Vest for Women has 18 pockets vs. 17 in the previous version (the RFID pocket is the new addition)

Improved Clear Touch Pockets are now fully transparent, to make seeing and operating a touch screen phone while it’s still in the pocket easier than ever before.


Colors and Sizes
Men’s is available in: Black, Navy, Khaki and Olive Green, sizes Small through XXXL.

Women’s will be available in: Black, Khaki, Gray and Red, sizes Small through XXL.


Hotel Key Card Protector
Hotel key cards and metro tickets are not on friendly terms with magnets or even cell phones, both of which can easily demagnetize them. SeV provides a clever key card sleeve to help keep magnetic strips from being damaged.


The RFID Travel Vest for Men and Women now has a “two-way zipper” for the center front zipper that can be opened from the top or the bottom.

We have added “locking zipper” pulls to some of the interior pockets, which keep the zipper pulls from dangling inside the garment.


Updated CollarConnect™ System
SeV clothing integrates patented technology for the incorporation of wires into clothing. CollarConnectTM is a design feature that routes headphone wires where they need to go, without any scratchiness around the collar.