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SCOTTEVEST 2010 Sizzle Reel

SCOTTEVEST Sizzle Reel 2010

Here is a brief recap of many of the SeV appearances in Movies, TV and the news. It's tough to condense 10 years of media into just a few minutes, so hold on - it's a wild ride. Play video here

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So, imagine that you are a spy. A super-spy. You get partnered with a total amateur (Chuck) and put in charge of protecting him... mostly from himself. At least Adam Baldwin gets to wear SeV in six episodes (and counting!) to help make his life easier.

Flash Forward

SCOTTEVEST on FlashForward

A team of operatives is flown into hostile territory by helicopter. Difficult, life-and-death decisions await them at every turn. At least there is one simple decision... what to wear. The entire FlashForward team was outfitted in SeV Travel Vests, emblazoned with the RedPanda emblem.



Imagine yourself halfway around the world... it's beautiful, warm day... you're cruising on an expensive speedboat. Pretty nice, huh? Now throw some modern-day pirates into the mix. How do you deal with it? Well, Matthew McConaughey wore an SeV and survived this same situation unscathed... so that might be a good place to start. (Flare gun not included.)

Steve Wozniak on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Woz wears SCOTTEVEST on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Steve Wozniak, co-Founder of Apple, is on our board of advisors and is often seen in the media wearing SCOTTEVEST. Following his performance on Dancing with the Stars, Woz appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing - what else - SeV.

HBO's The Wire


Undercover. Deep undercover. A show called "The Wire" certainly couldn't pass up the only clothing line that actually incorporates channels for holding wires in garments. Stakeout friendly clothing, coffee and donuts optional.