iPad Compatible Clothing

Women's Trench Sport Coat SeV Men's Trench Coat Brad Thor Alpha Jacket Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Women Puffer Jacket SeV Lab Coat for Men/Women Tropiformer Jacket Carli Down Vest SeV Knowmatic Hoodie Revolution Plus Jacket Revolution Jacket Lola Jacket Fleece 7.0 Jacket SeV Annie Jacket Travel Vest for Men Sterling Jacket for Men RFID Travel Vest for Men RFID Travel Vest for Women Molly Jacket ALT-10M Leather Jacket Sterling Jacket for Women Travel Vest for Women





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Ultimate iPad Accessory!

SCOTTeVEST introduces the first jackets and vests with a pocket for the iPad!

  • Both stylish and smart: a line of jackets and vests with a pocket designed specifically to hold, secure, protect - and hide - the iPad.
  • Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, started out as a customer/fan of SCOTTeVESTĀ® and now sits on their Board of Advisors. He has even starred in a series of humorous videos for the company known affectionately as "Woz-i-sodes".
  • With our NoBulgeā„¢ Pocket design SCOTTeVESTĀ® clothing does not have ugly, bulky exterior pockets - everything is sleek and stylish.
  • Accommodates the iPad, almost invisibly.
  • We're constantly working to be compatible with the next generation of devices.
  • A patented Personal Area Network (PAN) that lets you run your earbud cables through hidden secret passages in the fabric - especially useful for iPhone/iPod/iPad owners who want to listen to music and media on the go
  • Our Weight Management System is engineered to evenly balance the weight of the things you carry, so you'll be even more comfortable carrying them in your pockets than in a bag.



Travel clothing for the trip of your life

  • Despite the ability to carry as many items in a SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest as in a typical carry-on, SeV clothing does not count as an extra bag
  • Travelers can save money on baggage fees and the new carry-on fees
  • Airport security checkpoint aggravation disappears when you only need to pass one item through the x-ray
  • Security measures related to bags change all the time, but clothing is totally unaffected by bag regulations
  • SCOTTeVEST stops pickpockets and purse-snatchers with secure, zippered interior pockets
  • "Having all your stuff on you is paradigm shifting," says SCOTTeVEST's namesake Scott Jordan. "Whether you're going to China or going to the grocery store, knowing you're prepared, and have whatever you need, whenever you need it, can change your life."
  • You can carry the world in your pockets


SCOTTeVEST is one of the world's leading travel clothing companies. The company specializes in stylish clothing that provides a unique, patented system of conduits and pockets for carrying, using, and enjoying personal electronics. In 2010, SCOTTeVEST became the first clothing company to provide a pocket for the iPad.

Visit our Wikipedia entry for SCOTTeVEST, Wikipedia entry for CEO & Founder Scott Jordan or SCOTTeVEST.com for additional information.

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