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If there is a limit to wearable tech like Google Glass, it is the short battery life. Put on a SCOTTeVEST, and that all changes. Our patented PAN (Personal Area Network) licensed from TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® allows you to ergonomically carry a battery pack in one pocket and charge the devices in all your other pockets. Read our press release about SeV and Google Glass in use at CES 2014. It's the smartest way to power and carry all your digital devices in the real world. You'll be amazed at what our engineered pockets can do.

Google Glass is in SCOTTeVEST’s Pocket at CES 2014:

The Leaders in Wearable Computing Paired in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (January 6, 2014) – SCOTTeVEST (SeV) with its patented Personal Area Network (PAN) from TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, is the only apparel engineered to keep your Google Glass, iPhone, and iPad charged and at your fingertips seamlessly… and it has packs of ambassadors hitting the floors of CES 2014 to show you how.

If you know anything about CES, you know the familiar sight of 150,000+ people awkwardly toting their gadgets and frantically searching for a charging outlet. You’re probably one of those people - unless you’re wearing an SeV.

That’s why SeV/TEC CEO and Founder Scott Jordan rounded up gangs of tech evangelists such as the “Monsters of Tech” team (including: Robert Scoble, Joel Comm, and Chris Voss), Xavier Lanier and the GottaBeMobile.com team, and over two dozen more to load their SeV’s for CES. SeV ambassadors at CES will have their gear in various SeV products and many will have their Google Glass and other devices wired to battery packs in the specially engineered pockets.

Technology is now always-on and connected to everything, but it is held back by two things: power & portability. Wearables like Google Glass may enhance how we interact with and carry tech, but due to lag in battery advancements, it only lasts a few hours and that certainly isn’t “always connected computing.”

SCOTTeVEST’s products solve this problem by allowing you to utilize the numerous, weight management system (WMS) engineered pockets that are connected by hidden chambers to allow wiring throughout the entire garment. Watch this video to see how Google Glass becomes truly ubiquitous when paired with a SeV.


“POWER is the elephant in the room when it comes to all devices, especially wearables. Without adequate power, wearables will be forever limited,” said Scott Jordan. “I have been using Google Glass and other wearables before that, including original Xybernaut wearable computers in 2001, and all of these devices are severely limited by power. This is true for mobile phones as well. Despite significant advancements in other areas, I don't see anything on the horizon that will deal with the power issues. We, SCOTTeVEST, through our patented Personal Area Network via TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, allow you to wire your devices to power sources in your clothing without having wires dangling all over you. We’re thrilled to see new developments in the wearable space, but would love to see some developments in power. Until that day comes, we are happy to provide solutions to this problem.”

GottaBeMobile.com and Notebooks.com Publisher Xavier Lanier sees SCOTTeVEST as essential to the adoption and convergence of technology. “SCOTTeVEST clothing is essential for covering trade shows like CES and is the missing piece for most people searching to streamline their tech experience,” said Lanier. “Their jackets make it easy carry and charge multiple phones, hotspots and cameras.”

Lanier and the GottaBeMobile team will be demonstrating Google Glass with SeV. “Google Glass is going to play an important role for us to shoot and quickly post images and videos to our Web sites and social media channels,” said Lanier. “While we love Google Glass, its small battery is its achilles heel. I'll be carrying a battery pack in one of my SeV's inner pockets that will power Google Glass and an iPhone that will serve as my primary mobile hotspot. It's important to me to have instant access to all of my devices when I'm covering trade shows. SeV gear allows me to pack a ton of gear without killing my back with a bulky bag - it is truly wearable convergence.”

SCOTTeVEST has been the top clothing brand in the technology space for over 13 years, being the first to create an iPad compatible pocket and even experimenting with embedded solar panels. Over a decade ago, Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of SCOTTeVEST (SeV) predicted that charging and carrying your devices would be the crucial components to new tech adoption when he partnered with one of the first wearable computing companies, Xybernaut in 2002.

In 1984, Apple Co-Founder and SCOTTeVEST Board of Directors Member Steve Wozniak said: “If you had a whole bunch of wires strapped across your living room floor, running into your TV set and clipping into your phone with alligator clips all over and it was going to burn down your house someday, that was fine, because it was useable. It was a computer and you could use it… ” Wozniak goes on to describe the importance of keeping the wiring of the first Apple computer contained, out of sight and manageable – the exact same thinking behind SCOTTeVEST’s patented Personal Area Network / P.A.N. system that allows you keep your wiring hidden and functional to powering your devices.

SCOTTeVEST has been called on by Special Forces, FedEx airplane mechanics, and other commercial giants to design uniforms that maximize the functionality of devices and ultimately power their front line workers literally and figuratively. While the public has generally focused on using SeV’s PAN wiring conduits to connect their devices to headphones, Scott Jordan always envisioned his brainchild as a solution to technology’s greatest hurdle: staying powered.

SeV Scoble

Technology evangelist Robert Scoble also frequently notes the importance of battery longevity when reviewing devices and his desire for power is never fully satisfied. Scoble uses his SCOTTeVEST to keep a battery source on hand at all times to keep his devices charged. “Without SCOTTeVEST to power and transport my devices, I wouldn’t be always connected and I can’t have that,” said Scoble. “What’s the point of having Google Glass if you can only use it for two hours at a time before you lose your charge? There isn’t. You need SCOTTeVEST to connect the bigger picture – to connect you to your devices in a meaningful and mandatory way.”

As technology continues to become more and more integrated in our lives, it is essential to make sure you are prepared with the power of SCOTTeVEST. Don’t be caught with a dead battery – wire your SCOTTeVEST to truly utilize your devices the way they were meant to be used. Visit www.SCOTTeVEST.com/power to learn more about staying truly connected.

To request samples of SCOTTeVEST products or to schedule a briefing or product viewing at CES with one of the SeV ambassadors contact Emmi Buck (Emmi.Buck@scottevest.com).

Brand ambassadors include:
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Founded in 2000, SCOTTeVEST engineers TEC - Technology Enabled Clothing® with hidden, travel-friendly pockets. Over 13 years of product innovation later, their clothing line has grown to include over 40 stylish, top-quality and functional items for men and women. SCOTTeVEST was the first clothing company to make a pocket designed to carry the iPad, and continues to revolutionize the industry with RFID-blocking pockets, clear touch pockets for touchscreen devices, and the patented Personal Area Network (PAN) from TEC®. SCOTTeVEST is a privately held company headquartered in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.

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