We Help You Sell Your Used SCOTTeVEST

We make it easy for you to sell your SCOTTEVEST clothing that you are not using anymore! So dig out that SeV clothing you don't wear anymore, and let us help you sell it on eBay! We will provide you with pictures, product information, and original retail prices of both current and past products. And after you sell your item, we will even give both the seller and the buyer a discount code for 20% off a new SeV product!

Check out all of the pictures and product information below and use it when you place your product on eBay (just be sure to remind people that the pictures are of the product when it was brand new and are not pictures of the product today!). Use some of our keywords listed to ensure that you pop up on the Official SCOTTEVEST eBay Store!

After you sell your item, let us know by sending the link to your auction to ebay@scottevest.com and we will send you a promo code for 20% off a product from SCOTTEVEST and a promo code for the buyer of your product!

Remember, the SCOTTEVEST Warranty is only good for the first owner.

Good luck in your sale! Both the environment and SCOTTEVEST thank for recycling your clothing!

Resources For Sellers