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YouTube Video Deploys Message To Do Right Thing by America’s Troops

KETCHUM, ID, June 9 -- As luck would have it, Scott Jordan, CEO and founder of SCOTTEVEST, happened to be flying with Delta Air Lines recently when several troops were being charged baggage fees. The result is a video that Jordan released this week on Youtube documenting this week’s news-gone-viral about the airline charging baggage fees to soldiers.

On a campaign to support the troops, a few months ago while Scott was filming footage for his No Baggage Challenge for charity, he spoke with some soldiers in the airport as they were all waiting for their flight. Part of that video shows the soldiers paying $200 in fees out of pocket for their bags.

“This has been a commonplace occurrence for longer than the airlines have been letting on, and we believe firmly that the airlines need to be held accountable for this practice, and reimburse the government for these ill-gotten gains,” said Jordan. “Returning from deployment, many soldiers didn't even have a credit card with them. Although we are glad that Delta has changed their policy and announced that this group of 34 soldiers will be reimbursed, we don't think it goes far enough,” said Jordan.

He wants to know how long Delta and other airlines have been collecting these fees from military personnel and the amount the airlines have pocketed that should be returned to the troops.

In the meantime, Jordan’s company is sending a Travel Vest to each of the 34 military personnel affected this week in hopes that by zipping it up they can enjoy less stressful flying in the future.


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