SCOTTeVEST Corporate Culture

Not Everyone Is Right For The Job

Anyone can apply for a job, but it takes a special person to be successful at SCOTTeVEST. Our success comes from our team. And our team has to believe in our corporate culture. Laura & I weren’t big fans of the corporate culture concept. But a few years ago we came up with the principles, the ideas and the expectations for our employees and even our customers to live by at SCOTTeVEST.

The three main pieces of our corporate culture involve three keywords or the acronym we know as “HIT”. Honesty, integrity and transparency. Laura and I live and breathe those terms. It’s essential to our business that all of our employees believe in our corporate culture in order for it to work. Not only for it to work but for our business to be successful and for our customers to receive the highest possible satisfaction.

We expect the employees at our company to be honest with us, with their co-workers and with themselves. Honesty is the root of integrity and transparency. Without honesty you will not be either one of those things. I do not know how to lie. I physically can’t tell a lie. Quite frankly if one of the members of my team is caught in a lie, it is grounds for termination. It is much easier to be honest and tell the truth rather than trying to keep track of the web of lies you have told. Honesty is the only answer.

Our corporate culture also centers on efficiency, urgency, speed and most importantly accuracy. Anything worth doing is worth doing fast. Here at SCOTTeVEST we are committed to rewarding people who can embrace moving fast without giving up accuracy. Our company is a very fast paced high energy environment. We are also looking for fresh new ideas, constantly working on dozens of projects and most importantly making sure we offer our customers the latest and most innovative SCOTTeVEST.

Our employees live by the “figure it out mentality”. We hire the best, the most talented people. We expect our staff to figure things out on their own. If a question is to be asked, it should come after all resources have been exhausted. If you forgot your password, figure out how to reset it. If you lost a phone number, use your resources to find it. Just figure it out.

One of the most important things that I expect from my team is communication. Verbal communication and most importantly email communication. When you are walking down the street and someone speaks to you, you don’t simply just ignore them. So why would you ignore an email? With business, with our business, I expect all emails my employees receive to be replied to as soon as possible. Even if an employee is occupied or tied up, it only takes a minute to say “I’ve received your email and I will get back to you later today.” Emailing is important. Being prompt is important. And communication is the key to success.

If you have a deadline, don’t miss it. Everyone at the company is counting on you to succeed. We are a team and it takes everyone’s success for the company to succeed and to grow. Anyone can apply for a job here but not everyone can succeed at SCOTTeVEST. Whether their job title includes the word "Implementer" or not, everyone we hire must adopt what we call the Implementer Mentality. By definition, an implementer is someone that "carries out, puts into action or performs." In other words, someone who gets shit done! A worker merely operates within a company, while an implementer drives the company. We are looking for implementers at SCOTTeVEST. Our company has not grown to where it is today by hiring anyone off of the street. It takes a highly motivated, high energy, honest and hardworking individual to succeed at SCOTTeVEST. There have been lots of people who have tried and only a few have managed to succeed. We expect a lot but we reward success.  A company can only be as successful as its foundation. Our foundation is our employees.

I’m outta here!

Scott Jordan