How to Succeed at SCOTTeVEST

Some Notes about Our Culture, Expectations and Workstyle

At SCOTTeVEST, we understand that our past accomplishments and future achievements are directly connected to the individual successes of our people. Our ambition is for you to be successful and we want to give you a clear path in order to be successful at SCOTTeVEST.

We need EVERYONE’s buy-in to make this work, from the most senior people in the company to candidates about to be hired, "you're either all the way in or all the way out". It’s critical that everyone feels invested in the success of all areas of the business. Everyone should be willing to pitch in, even if what’s required isn’t part of their normal day-to-day activities.

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency:

  • Be honest - with us, each other and yourself. This is why we are always measuring back to metrics and numbers... they don’t lie, even if we don’t like the story they are telling us. We need to check back, follow-up, measure and improve on everything we do.
  • If you make a mistake, own it - correct it, take accountability and don’t make it again. The people who have been at SeV the longest have already made most of the mistakes you can make... once. So learn from our mistakes.
  • "Be a problem solver, not spotter”

"I’ll figure it out" Mentality:

  • We expect you to figure things out on your own. When you ask a question be sure to have exhausted all resources before.

Grammar and Spelling Count:

  • Reread your written communication and spell check your emails and presentation material 100% of the time.

Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency:

  • Work with efficiency, Urgency, Speed, Accuracy, and don’t forget to Laugh! Some things can be done, “Quick and Dirty.” There’s a difference between working hard and spinning wheels. It’s obvious what each of those things look like from the outside, and we are committed to rewarding people who can embrace moving fast without giving up accuracy.

No Drama:

  • Have a positive attitude when cooperating with your co-workers, communicate, be non-confrontational. Problems are not a problem but something to solve, be able to take criticism, and show your ability to adapt to changes. Teamwork!
  • Be courteous, it’s not just about being nice, it’s about doing what you say and saying what you do so that you are not wasting anyone’s time (or your own).
  • Work to your highest ability at all times. Sometimes things fall short, but it shouldn’t ever be because we didn’t do everything we can do to succeed.

Implementer Mentality:

  • By definition, an implementer is someone that "carries out, puts into action or performs." In other words, someone who gets shit done!

Courteous Email Etiquette:

  • This is key, and it’s important enough that we will have some meetings about it...
  • ALWAYS reply all unless there is a reason not to do so.
  • Reply quickly. In an organization that moves as fast as ours, an hour between responses is like a week. If you don’t have time to reply immediately...
  • Confirm receipt even if it’s just “ok” or “got it” or “on my list for 10AM tomorrow,” and...
  • Be thorough or let others know that you need more time to send a thorough response.

Engaged Listener:

  • Be an engaged listener to the customer so that you can formulate the best solution. Be patient and committed to the customer in every transaction. Kill the customers with your kindness and knock their socks off every day with absolute stellar service!
  • Be courteous. We have had some customers for ten years, and we actually KNOW them, and they know us. This comes from caring and being courteous.

Efficient Communicator:

  • Be clear and concise and get your point across rather than speak in paragraphs – do not be longwinded. Be able to produce next action step in your communication.

Meticulous Organizer:

  • Be a multi-tasker and be able to work efficiently in a high demand, team oriented, and fast-paced environment.
  • THINK and BELIEVE that details are everything.
  • Remember the Santa Clause: Make lists and check them off. If you do this, communicate what is on your list, and if you complete your list items on time you will succeed 100% of the time.
  • Use the Calendar: If you don’t know how to use the calendar, we have some Outlook sessions regularly scheduled to teach you.

Respect Deadlines:

  • If you have an action item and a deadline that is a contract that you will get it done on time, because EVERYONE in the organization is counting on you to do so. That may mean working through lunch, or coming in early or staying late, but little promises can snowball into big problems if they are not done.
  • If you can’t meet a deadline, then you need to communicate that you need more time BEFORE the last minute; you need to communicate that as soon as you know, and provide the date/time when you CAN accomplish it.
  • Know when to say no, know when to say later (and say when later is).
  • If you can’t complete something immediately, at least keep it alive - it’s like keeping multiple balloons in the air.


It’s impossible to just spout out a bunch of bullet points and make them part of the “corporate culture.” So we are going to:

  • Provide you with “cheat sheets” about what is expected, and provide you with all the information that you need to succeed. This includes email etiquette, grammar/spelling help, tech seminars on how to use Outlook, etc.
  • Friday Lunch - this is when we truly come together as a tribe, and this is where our culture is communicated and shared, so expect this to be a frequent topic of conversation and that we’ll be meeting about things like this at least once a month.
  • We’re available to talk! No one ever agrees with his boss 100 percent all the time, so make your opinion known if you have something worth saying. We want everyone in this building to succeed, and if it looks like we’re inaccessible or busy, it’s not that we don’t care... it’s that we’re doing what we need to do based on everything we just discussed. We will make time to talk - this is the most important thing in the world of SCOTTeVEST.
  • If you want more out of your job, make it happen. Be diplomatic about it and make it your dream job, or leave. We remind our employees that they work for a young company and they are in control of their own careers.

Do you completely buy into this type of thinking? Are you ready to start your next adventure? Check out our job postings!