The Ultimate Showdown:Tech-Fashion Heavyweight vs. Television Lightweight
The Battle Continues… and YOU DECIDE!

If you have been following the story, you know that on the Colbert Report (watch the videos below), Stephen made the claim that he invented the iPad jacket pocket. Of course, being an SeV fan, you know that this is one of our claims to fame (not to mention the millions of other pockets found on our clothing around the world).

So what can you do to help?

We want to get Scott as a guest on the Colbert Report for a pocket showdown! We need to make some (polite) noise to do it so cast your “vote” by participating in any of the links above and stay tuned for the Ultimate Showdown!


Episode 1
Stephen Colbert stop riding SCOTTEVEST coat tails- we invented the iPad Jacket first
Episode 2
Episode 2: Scottevest Pocket Showdown to Stephen Colbert
Episode 3
Scott's Pocket Showdown vs. Donny Deutsch... Colbert, You've Been Warned!

Episode 4
One iPad Jacket vs. an Entire Line of iPad Clothing