No Baggage Challenge

The Contest: Two Ways to Win

#1 - Let's keep this simple: for a chance to automatically win $150 in SeV credit each day until Friday October, 22nd, use to retweet this message by clicking here -OR- "like" SCOTTEVEST here on

#2 - For MUCH bigger prizes, write or record a YouTube video with this theme:Tell us and Delta (no affiliation or endorsement by Delta is implied or shall be inferred by this statement) how a SCOTTEVEST can help save on baggage fees. Email your entry to - and include your YouTube link and/or description in your message. All entries must be received by 6PM PT on Friday, October 22nd.

The Controversy

Before spelling out the rules and prizes, we wanted to clarify something... SCOTTEVEST recently received a cease-and-desist letter and threat of a lawsuit from Delta due to our announcement that the prize will include Delta miles. Let's make it clear: no affiliation or endorsement by Delta is implied or shall be inferred by this or any statements related to this contest. The new prize is 25K flier points to any airline that accepts Amex points, for a US domestic flight. To see the actual cease-and-desist letter and threat of a lawsuit, go here.

Scott's Response Here

And now on with the show... Prizes:

1st prize - 25,000 Delta Frequent Flyer Points (or points for any other airline that participates in the Amex points program - please note: no affiliation or endorsement by Delta is implied or shall be inferred by this statement) transferred to your account (this is enough miles for a free US domestic flight), and a SCOTTEVEST Carry-On Coat™. PLUS SCOTTEVEST will credit and use your story in our next inflight magazine ad (and likely our catalog & website as well)

2nd prize – SCOTTEVEST Carry-On Coat™ (and we will likely use your story in our catalog & website as well)
In addition, the top two entrants will be considered/interviewed for a No Baggage Challenge to make their “no baggage” story a reality


Watch this video from SeV CEO & Founder Scott Jordan for some ideas:

•What you would carry in your pockets that would otherwise require a bag?

•What would you spend the extra money on instead of fees?

•Where would you be going?

•What are you going to be doing?

•Check out prior WIYS (What’s In Your SCOTTEVEST) contest entries and for some ideas from Rolf Potts (and a separate contest).

•We’re looking for creativity, cleverness, funniness, appropriateness (this needs to pass the magazine ad censors), and ultimately something we can quote in an ad running in airline magazines.

More Info:

•Each Video and/or Post must end with the following statement: “That’s how SCOTTEVEST can save on baggage fees!

•The winner will be announced on Monday, October 25, 2010.

•Info about the Carry-On Coat™ can be found here. It has 33 pockets and is designed to hold enough wardrobe, toiletries and travel items for a weekend away without bags.

•You don’t need to have a SCOTTEVEST to enter, but if you do have an SeV product, feel free show us What’s In Your SCOTTEVEST.

•In your description on YouTube if you submit video, please include the following words: “What’s In Your SCOTTEVEST – Carry-On Contest”. Please be sure to tag your video: “SCOTTEVEST, Travel Clothing, Gear Diary, Carry-on, No Baggage Ad Contest” and include a link to both and in your description. You still need to post a link to it in the comments below this article or email it to us at, or we might miss it.

•Visit Gear Diary for more info and "fine print."


Scott Jordan
CEO and Founder

PS: I personally read all emails sent to although it may take me a bit to get back to you. 
PPS: Scroll down to get some more background on the story....

The Background on the Story

by Dan Cohen of Gear Diary

We brought some clarity to the ongoing battle between Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST (SeV), and Delta Sky Magazine. From our review of all the facts, it all came down to one fairly simple question: Do SCOTTEVEST products actually help passengers save on baggage fees, and if so, how? In sum, Delta says they don’t and can’t. Scott says they do and can.

We want to take Delta at their word when they claimed unequivocally that their motive for rejecting Scott’s ad had nothing to do with protecting revenues from luggage fees.

The LA Times reported that Delta rejected the ad because it “misleadingly suggested that passengers who stuff their belongings in the[ir] pockets don’t have to check bags.”

Scott’s not saying that you don’t have to check bags. Scott’s point is simply this: You’re only allowed one carry-on and a personal item. (Per Delta’s official, published carry-on policy, a jacket “does not count a personal item”. If you can’t fit everything you need into that one carry-on/personal item, you have to check a bag for the rest of your stuff. That checked bag costs on average about $25 per flight, or $50 per trip. By using a SCOTTEVEST to store those extra items, you MAY not need to check a bag. It’s that simple.

A passenger can travel light by using a SCOTTEVEST instead of a checked bag and/or carry-on, or they can supplement their carry-on with the extra carrying capacity afforded by a SCOTTEVEST. Bottom line: Scott’s products can hold a ton of stuff that you would otherwise need to put in a bag. Carrying more than one bag? Is your carry-on bigger than regulation size? Congratulations, now you have to check something… and pay for the privilege. When you get to your destination, unload your SCOTTEVEST and store your stuff.

SeV’s ability to save passengers from extra baggage fees is a fact that has been reported by some of the most respected media sources in the world, including the New York Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Peter Greenberg on the Today Show, just to name a few. Moreover, it was documented in a six-week around-the-world “No Baggage Challenge” chronicled by noted travel writer Rolf Potts using only SCOTTEVEST clothing and no baggage.

I asked Scott how he came up with the name of the campaign, “Scottevest Carry-On Contest”. Scott’s answer…

“Simple. We want to move past the back and forth with Delta and “Carry On” with the business of the day. In fact, we’re so committed to doing this that we are even including a free ticket on Delta. They wouldn’t take my ad but I’m helping to support them. At the same time, I want to educate Delta and the flying public on a legitimate way to save money and look great doing it. That and the fact that just as this controversy was starting our most pocketed Carry-On additional/replacement was just being announced. So the name… it just worked. All that, and I’m a sucker for a good double entendre, as those who know me can attest. ;)

Download Our Latest Press Release On the Controversy and the New Carry-On Coat Here

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