SeV Behind the Scenes
Social Media Meeting at SeV
Social Media Strategy
Liz, Lo, and "Fish"

We have a special guest here - a social media expert Steven "Fish" Frischling - here to help us with social media strategy this week. Very exciting.

Scott and mother-in-law
Delivering Dog Treats
Diana and Scott

We had to yell to stop Scott from eating the adorable cupcakes Laura's mother brought for the dogs.

SCOTTEVEST Headquarters at the end of March
March in Idaho
In Like a Lion, Out Like a...Wet Lion?

We've had a few (very few) beautiful days, but it's been cold rain, slush, and ice for a week. :(

Scott's Padded Office
Scott's Padded Room!
Finally, where he belongs?

We did this for the purpose of sound-proofing, but now we can make jokes about Scott belonging in a padded room. What's next - bars on the windows?

Scott Jordan and a Fan at the Airport Scott and an SeV Fan at the Airport

Is this you? Scott didn't catch your name!

SCOTTEVEST Headquarters
Has Spring Sprung?
The SeV Headquarters, 3.21.12

Weird weather week! While some parts of the country were experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures, we got over 20" of snow! It's a beautiful day today, though...looking like spring!

Dress Form
Meet Clyde!
The SeV Dress form...remember...he wore it first.

We had a naming contest in the office. He doesn't photograph very well, but he's rocking Scott's new favorite jacket (*wince*). Clyde is waiting on his Bonnie...

Sully, the OTHER office dog
Sully is a labradoodle who spends his time on the second floor. Isn't he totes adorbs?

Those are for dogs?

Posted April 13, 2012

Laura's mother, Diana, flew in from Chicago yesterday. She came into the office with a bag from "Sprinkles". We eyed them excitedly until the truth was revealed: they were cupcakes for dogs! You probably could tell the poodles are well-taken-care-of by Scott and Laura, but did you know they have a grandmother who spoils them too? The way they jumped on her, you could tell it wasn't the first time she brought them cupcakes!


Posted April 12, 2012

We've had several meeting in the last couple weeks about re-vamping our SeVIP program: new membership processes, new benefits, new "hub"...We built this company by listening to customers - what they want, what they don't want, and in a wide-reaching effort to "get back to our roots," we are re-examining our treatment of the SeVIP program. Anyone who is already an SeVIp will obviously be included, but we want to make the VIPs feel as important as they are! Ideas are always appreciated!

Any TriviaHeads in the House?

Posted April 11, 2012 Lefty's Bar and Grill in Ketchum, ID

Last night was trivia night at a local bar and grill in Ketchum called Lefty's. What does this have to do with SCOTTEVEST? Trivia Night is hosted by SeV's very own Hannah, Web Operations/Public Relations/Marketing lady. She's been doing it since this past summer and is proud to call the event Ketchum's very first (and so far only) trivia night. Last night Liz and Lo stopped by to offer support. If anyone is up for the challenge, here are a few questions that none of the teams were able to answer last night:

Who was the King of Sweden during the 30 Year's War?

What red dwarf star in the constellation Centaurus is the nearest known star to the sun?

Perhaps the oldest breed of domesticated dog, what dog's name means "noble one" in Arabic?

A Sampling from the Trip of Scott's Life

Posted April 4, 2012

A couple weeks ago, Scott decided to seize and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on an incredible trip. Days later, he was on a plane (and another plane…and another) headed to a private island in Indonesia. He brought back tons of videos, pictures, ideas, and…the travel bug! We're still working on compiling all this material, and Scott will be speaking with Gary Arndt (who hasn't stopped traveling in 5 years) later this week about his experience. Here's a little taste of the trip, and stay tuned for more!

Scott and Friends...

Posted March 28, 2012

Scott's on his way back from Indonesia. With the weather we've been might be a rough journey. He sent us a pic of the group he was stranded with-and they're all wearing embroidered SeV gear!

The Many Beards of SCOTTEVEST

Posted March 26, 2012

You can probably tell by now that the SCOTTEVEST headquarters is not a typical office. We have our own traditions, our own way of doing things...and one of the unique SeV standards is a beard. Now, we're not exclusive with this policy - Scott himself, after all, does not sport a beard. But you'll definitely be in the minority if you come in clean-shaven. Even the majority of significant others are bearded in some way or another.

Men of SCOTTEVEST sport beards

Some more bearded SeV men who are usually behind-the-scenes...and one wannabe. Why did we black out the eyes, you ask? So you can focus on the beards.

Men of SCOTTEVEST sport beards 2

New NitpickPocketeer Post - Airport Security!

Posted March 23, 2012

We've all spent time in the airport security line...any amount of time is too much, it seems. Read this post about the people you are most likely to see.

SCOTTEVEST is great for airport security

Liz Found her Puppy!

Posted March 22, 2012

Liz called about a puppy yesterday, went to visit the home yesterday, and came home with a French Bullgod puppy yesterday! We all got to meet him yesterday. His name is Tuuk, isn't he the cutest?!

Tuuk, the French Bulldog Puppy

This chick's got some serious pocket lint!

Posted March 21, 2012

Hannah is the Web Operations/Public Relations Coordinator at SCOTTEVEST, and it seems she's got a lot on her mind...check out her pocket-inspired blog, The NitPickPocketeer. There are musings on cargo pants, safari clothes, the history of the pocket..even reality TV (loosely SCOTTEVEST-related, ok?).

Betcha never thought about pockets so much! Imagine what it's like to WORK here!

Hannah's NitPickPocketeer Blog

What's This Boot Camp Business, Anyway?

Posted March 21, 2012

We've mentioned Boot Camp before. It's one of the cool things we do in our office (literally IN the office…we have a room we keep empty for this purpose). Every Tuesday and Thursday, a personal trainer (Eric) comes in and anyone who feels so inclined participates in an hour-long Boot Camp session.

So what does "Boot Camp" entail? I'll give you an example from our most recent workout this past Tuesday. We mostly do circuit work, so Eric sets up a circuit with 8 or so stations that we rotate through. Sometimes we'll stay at each station for a minute or 30 seconds. Sometimes, like yesterday, we had to complete 20 reps at each station as quickly as we could and then run 3 sets of stairs (4 flights). This was a relief, I'd like to add, because we usually run the stairs 5 times in between circuits.

It's great for productivity in the office - we clear our heads and come back much more focused in the afternoon. It's good bonding during the session, cheering each other on and whatnot, and it's also good bonding the next day, when we complain together about how sore we are.

Liz is on the Hunt!

Posted March 20, 2012

Liz is looking for a dog, and she's got some parameters. The ideal dog for Liz would be: a rescued French Bulldog, either fawn or black and white. Beautiful, loving, good control of bladder and bowels.

Anyone have a tip? Know a breeder? Seen a puppy down the road that could use some rescuing? We will keep you posted as the search continues!

French Bulldog Puppies

Scott goes off the Grid

Posted March 16, 2012

Unbelievable, right? Believe it!

Scott's last post (although he did email LAST time...for the third tell us he was REALLY going off the grid). He's been travelling for so long he doesn't know what day it is! He's looking forward to the trip, but you can tell he's kinda pooped. But is does seem that he's getting the travel bug again!

Watch Scott's video blog from Hong Kong International Airport. Sounds like a pretty cool place - an airport on a reclaimed island?

Where is Scott now?

Scott Jordan's island getaway