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What started as a business in Laura and Scott’s guest bedroom in 2000 has evolved into something bigger than any of us could’ve ever imagined. Every day, our customers reach out to tell us how they use their SCOTTeVEST, amazing places they travel in our clothing and even how SCOTTeVEST has changed their lives. We love to receive these stories and thought you may like reading them, too. See below for some of the amazing moments and if you have any of your own to share, please email feedback@scottevest.com.

My name is Reggie, and I'm a Type I diabetic, new to insulin pump therapy. Your pancreas probably works just fine, and I hope you appreciate that miracle of glycemic homeostasis ;). I have a little device that is connected to me (by catheter) and supplies my insulin requirements in a compact form factor. Which, conveniently, fits in both pockets of my travel boxers. One word: Awesomesauce! Normally, a belt clip is involved, which requires transition of the waistline clothing interface. Keeping my pump in the same layer of clothing is optimal on two aspects:

1: Means not having to deal with the tangle of catheter, belt, undershirt, shirt, slacks, holster, lab coat. It's difficult to maintain professional appearance when using the pump tugs on the catheter and pulls your shirt out, let alone when you buckle your catheter in with your seat belt or holster it with your pistol (needs must take extra care to prevent accidental discharges...scary!). And sleeping is always a problem - when you try to roll over but your pump is under your girlfriend, well, it wakes you up pretty quick ;).

2. My work environment is loud enough to interfere with hearing the audio alarms from my pump, and the work is complex and demanding enough that sometimes I miss noticing the vibration from my belt. Having the pump close to skin increases sensory awareness and thus makes me, and every similar insulin pump patient safer. The wonderful predictive alarms (which allow me to manage my condition, vice being managed by it) don't do a darn bit of good if you fail your perception skill check.

And they're cool for all the other reasons, as well! This is why I recommend them to my fellow diabetics/patients. Thanks for making a great product that fits a great personal niche.


Wearing my new SeV Q.U.E.S.T. Vest and Bamboo Polo in the Captain's seat of a B-787 as I bring my flight back to the stands at Brunei airport (just kidding, the pilot did it). First trial of the Q.U.E.S.T. on a 16-hour journey and it did really well!

-William Martin

It’s getting cold in California, always pack my SCOTTeVEST Qzip in my drone bag!

-Alex Kavanagh

Hey Scott. Just received your email and saw that you personally read all your mail. I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I first learned of the Scottevest watching the Big Idea. I purchased one for my 62 year old father for the holidays last year. He loved it and wore it every day.

On February 24th, 2008, my father was hit by a city snowplow that ran a red light. He spent two months in the hospital followed by therapy which continues today. When he came out his coma he asked for several things including the details of his rescue. The only other item he asked for aside from his wallet was whether or not anyone had his SCOTTeVEST. The hospital handed him his bag of belongings but to his dismay his SCOTTeVEST was not in it, although he had it on the day of the accident.

When we were given the vehicle back I was shocked to actually see that he survived. I was even more shocked to find his SCOTTeVEST pinned behind the drivers seat still in tact. Aside from some blood stains and where the rescue team had cut the vest during extrication, his SCOTTeVEST was still there. Although I am certain you know how durable your vest is, take a look at it in the evidence photo I have attached. Amazing!

With the holidays around the corner, I would love to purchase him another vest. In addition I would also like to purchase 3 hoodies for my brothers. Is there a quantity discount available? I am planning to purchase these within the next couple weeks either way. Thanks and I look forward to seeing my dad back in his vest again soon.

-Jen Turcich

This is my husband wearing his very favorite sweatshirt. Notice how that big pocket in the back makes the perfect dog carrier? And some people think it's just a hood to wear on chilly days! SCOTTeVEST sweatshirts really do have pockets for EVERYTHING.

-Mary Pudlelady

SCOTTeVEST is great because it allows me to carry all of my camera gear without looking like photographer and keeps my hands free to capture any moment!

-Thomas Hawk

Hi, Scott. I hope you will bear with me at least until the end of this message. I want to share with you an impact your products have that you would probably never have imagined. Last November, my son, John, passed away unexpectedly at age 35. The two of us had spent 20 years battling his schizophrenia. John went from an 8th Grade student with straight A's, a starter on a soccer team that went to nationals, someone with dreams of representing the US someday, to someone lost at home, every day spent in torment and fear. Gaming and technology helped us to survive. The manifestation of John's illness was overwhelming anxiety and panic. The only time he wasn't consumed was when we were playing games. During those times, he could escape out of the world, and become lost in a place that brought him peace. The last 5 years, years with hospitalization, and a suicide attempt at my house, were survived by playing Rock Band. We went from beginners to experts because we played hours every day. The focus required for that game allowed him to go out of constant non-stop terror.

For me, technology provided the same, something to be excited about. That is why your clothing line is more than just functional and cool. For me, it is something to be excited about. As you probably did, your products are something that I might have dreamed about. I am a walking talking (definitely talking) advertisement for your products, because they are cool, and because not nearly enough people know about them. After my proselytizing, there are a lot more around here now that know, here being Denver\Boulder. The person I see in your posts is someone I really like. It is beyond refreshing to see a company where the company's founder is accessible, not somebody in a white tower with dollar signs for eyes. Believe it or not, I once got an e-mail from Steve Jobs. He was actually much the same. I was upset because German bloggers had said the multi-tasking that was coming for iPhone 4 was to arrive that week and it did not. On a lark, I sent an e-mail at midnight here, eleven where he was. It was a silly e-mail saying I was so disappointed that I was going to bludgeon myself to death with a Windows 7 phone (-B Amazingly, minutes later, I got a personal reply back telling me that I shouldn't believe it unless he said it. I was flabbergasted. Given the time of night, and the personal nature of the reply, it had to be him. I would love to remain your FB friend, but regardless, I wanted to you know that your products have truly impacted my life in a meaningful way. My life's mission now is to reach out and help others, but cool technology is my one person vice. Your stuff is cool!!!

-Bruce Hanson

My new SCOTTeVESTs just proved their worth. My beloved nephew just came to visit for a 2 1/2 week vacation. As background, he had a stroke when he was still in the womb, followed by several more as a young child. He was in physical therapy all through his young life. He had to stay behind when his family went on trips to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, etc. Amazingly, through years of hard work, he was finally able to walk without crutches starting about 5 years ago. Since then, we've been visiting all the places he never got to go before. This year we went to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion and Bryce Canyon, plus doing local hikes and horseback rides. At various times, depending on the weather and what we needed to take with us I wore my RFID travel vest, my Charlotte Chambray shirts, my featherweight vest, my Suzie QZips, my jacket and my Chloe Glow sweatshirt. I was able to carry our water bottles, flashlights, cell phones, a first aid kit, cash and credit cards, sunblock, small folding umbrellas, sunglasses, my nephew's medicine, and more, and still have both hands free for hiking poles and for picture taking. SCOTTeVEST definitely enhanced my enjoyment of our vacation!

-Suzie Bogus

If I can help put SeV products in the hands of Veterans, sign me up. I'd be very honored to help introduce this technology to others who struggle like me.

One new documentary you may be interested in is "The Hornets Nest" or "Restrepo". I was actually involved in the making of "The Hornets Nest" . Both films provide a very powerful and emotional perspective through the eyes of a 21st century Infantryman.

I just officially retired last Feb, so about a year ago. I served almost 22 years active duty mostly with the 10st Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division and 25th Infantry Division, culminating into a company level leadership position as an Infantry First Sergeant where I took about 150 young souls to combat. I was deployed three times, once to Bosnia, the initial invasion of Iraq then Iraq again. I couldn't count the number of firefights and enemy engagements we were in. From the first to the last where I was wounded, I was terrified every single time. The challenging Army schools and missions I volunteered for developed me into a well respected and sought after Army leader.

I have dozens of medals and accolades to include the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart and most importantly to me the Combat Infantryman's badge. I was in the right place at the right times and I'm thankful that I was. I had the privilege to lead 150 men in combat and take care of their every need at home and abroad until I was wounded after hundreds of missions.

I'm 100% Service connected disabled by the Veterans Administration which is where my care is managed. My wife Aprel is my full time compensated caregiver. We have a beautiful 9 y/o daughter, Brianna, who was born in the middle of a deployment. She is the reason I am on this planet. As much as I wish I was still in this fight, I cannot imagine being away from her. She knows how badly I want to return if I was able bodied. She doesn't understand that I don't want to leave her, I just want to continue my mission. Since I cannot return to the fight, I've found that helping other Veterans, gives me a sense that I'm still doing something. I help raise money for veterans organizations and am currently the subject of the first "Project for Patriots"www.projectsforpatriots.org

My family and thousand of others spent and spend months to years at Army Medical after being voted off the battlefield by our nation's enemies. (In mission planning, we always consider the enemy influence, referred to as, "The enemy always has a vote"). Anyway, I personally had 22 surgeries, countless procedures and again lived for almost 4 years on Army hospital campuses simply because we had to be that close. Hundreds of Soldiers with catastrophic injuries means everyone had some form of implant, post surgical pump and an endless array of other postoperative and medically associated gadgetry . Had SeV been available to any of us, it would have been more helpful than I can explain.

Being retired, my care just moved to the VA (which i won't get started on) but the issue remains, I'm always juggling personal items, meds and medical junk, records and some gadget to pass the time. Think I saw you folks on Shark Tank first. I looked SeV up right away even though "Mr. Wonderful" may not have seen a "niche" for it, I can testify there is a NEED for it. Again, thank you for sticking with it. SeV genuinely makes my life as a post 9/11 Combat wounded Soldier easier.

A lot of us have implanted or other medical devices, medicine containers, all kinds of stuff, in addition to what the average "Joe" daily carry items. SeV meets all the criteria for us door kickers. Its comfortable, convenient, insanely DURABLE, and just plain cool.

Please thank all the folks (especially the ones in the trenches) for the awesome gear.

-Todd D. Landen
1SG USA (ret)

We Loved having our Qzip's for our run tour in Paris last week. While mine wasn't the sport version, it did the trick. I could put my phone in the side pocket and we were good to go. Also worked great on our flights for a light-weight shirt that wasn't too hot. Thanks SCOTTeVEST!

-Beth Cacciapalle

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