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It's not Rocket Science. It's Pocket Science.

Anyone can apply for a job, but it takes a special person to be successful at SCOTTeVEST.

Our success comes from our team, and to be successful, our team must believe in our corporate culture.

HIT- Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, or HIT, is the foundation of operations at SCOTTeVEST. By ensuring that everyone practices HIT, we have created a basis for great work and strong relationships.

TEC- Teamwork, Empathy and Collaboration
Open doors? How about open floors! At SCOTTeVEST, we have very few offices and encourage our team members to collaborate. Being a team player means being empathetic and encouraging to others. Together, we have the acronym TEC- teamwork, empathy and collaboration.

4 C’s- Clear, Concise, Correct communication
Communication is key to success at SCOTTeVEST. We are faced with several methods of communication a day both internally and externally. Making sure that you are clear, concise and correct saves time and keep the goals and expectations clear.

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OWN IT!- Personal Responsibility
Along with HIT, we push our team to OWN IT! It is essential that you are truly taking responsibility for your actions! While we understand everyone makes mistakes, we want to know that you are willing to accept and learn from them.

Have an idea? Share it with the team and follow through. Own your idea and the actions behind them.

PIPE- Presentation, Initiative, Precision and Efficiency
Take initiative and make things happen! PIPE stands for Presentation, Initiative, Precision and Efficiency. When your ideas are presented with efficiency and precision, things will get done accurately and swiftly.

When everything, from your daily tasks to big presentations, is put together with precision, your team knows exactly what your goals are and customers are attended to quickly and in a professional manner.

Is SCOTTeVEST your next career move?
SCOTTeVEST is a fast-paced environment that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Willingness to learn new things and step up to the plate will push you forward in your career and we believe that these opportunities are important!

If these components make up an environment where you would find success, we encourage you to check out our open employment options in the link below.

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